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Fairview School

Fairview School, designed by Henry E. Siter in the Romanesque Revival style, was built in 1888-90 in the Fairview neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Fairview School was designed by Henry E. Siter in the Romanesque Revival architectural style, 8 and constructed between 1888-90. 6 It was followed by a three-story addition, designed by local architect Edward J. Schulte, in 1957-58. The addition was meant to be expanded upon once the original structure was razed, but declining enrollment led to the abandonment of the plan. 7

Fairview School became the Fairview German Bilingual School in 1982 and Fairview German Language School in 1994. It was the second magnet school for the city.


A 1976 report by the school district noted that the circa 1890 Fairview School building should be abandoned or replaced due to unsatisfactory design or structural deterioration 4 followed by a similar report in 1999. 2 Fairview School eventually closed in June 2008 as part of the district’s ten-year plan to rehabilitate or rebuild nearly every facility within the city.

The Fairview School building was auctioned and Five Korners acquired the complex for $430,000 3 who converted the structure into luxury residences. 5



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Thank you for this website and the pictures as well. It brings back so many memories, I loved this school, I wish they hadn’t abandoned it. 🙁

The three-story “addition” was an unconnected separate building when I attended in the 1950’s. So, maybe “addition” paints the wrong picture?

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