Ohio River Lock No. 31

Ohio River Lock No. 31 is a former Ohio River lock near Kirkville, Kentucky, in use by the United States Army Corps of Engineers from 1917 to 1964.


Ohio River Lock No. 31 was part of a 53 lock system built between 1875 and 1929 from the Mississippi River to the Allegheny River at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1 The site is located on a high terrace overlooking the Ohio River and included houses, a maintenance shed, and a powerhouse.

Lock No. 31, constructed from 1915 to 1917, featured a one-story powerhouse with a 60-foot smokestack designed in the Classical Revival style. 1 It was flanked by two 1½-story bungalows, a seven-bay garage, a blacksmith shop, and a steel water tank. In the 1930s, three additional two-story brick houses were added.

The lock was rendered obsolete when the Captain Meldahl Lock and Dam was completed downstream in December 1964. 1 2 The lock chamber and wicket dam were demolished soon after Meldahl opened.


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