Ro-Na Theater

The Ro-Na Theater, located along South Third Street in downtown Ironton, Ohio, opened in 1949 and was billed as southern Ohio’s “finest theater.”


The Ro-Na Theater opened in 1949 and was billed as southern Ohio’s “finest theater.” 4 7 Among the most prominent features of the building were the lobby murals that depicted historical scenes from the region. The Ro-Na closed in the 1970s and later became an auto-parts store. 7 9 10

In February 2008, the Hampton family, owners of the Ro-Na building, donating the former theater to the city who had long hoped to restore the building to its original purpose. 3 A structural assessment conducted in June noted that the building was in good condition but required a new roof. 3 4

The city hosted a volunteering effort on July 12 to clean up the debris inside the building. 6 The Tri-State Building and Construction Trades Council, a collection of regional unions, removed additional debris later in the year. 9

The roof was replaced in July 2009 11 and on May 19, 2014, a replica of Ro-Na’s marquee was re-installed and lit on May 23. 13


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  1. You might want to update the information on the Ro-Na Theater. It was sold to a non- profit group , Friends of Ironton who have since completed the renovation of the marquee along with renovation of the old restaurant. The renovation of the auditorium is a continuing project with grants being used to fund the renovation and restoration as well as any and all contributions from private companies and individuals.

  2. I just walked by and looked it up after seeing the historic place plaque. I just moved to Ironton and I loved exploring this city a bit. Now I’m going to go pass out. :p

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