The story of a forgotten America.


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Fisher's Travel Camp
Business / Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia

A gallery of vintage and abandoned gasoline stations in the United States.

Bob & Bob Speleo General Store
Business / West Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in West Virginia.

Blue and White Service Station
Business / Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

A gallery of abandoned businesses in the United States.

Westland Mall
Business / Ohio

Westland Mall is an abandoned shopping mall on the western fringes of Columbus, Ohio. One of four directionally-named shopping centers in the region, all but Southland were constructed by Jacobs, Visconsi & Jacobs.

Pocahontas Fuel Company Store and Offices
Business / West Virginia

The Pocahontas Fuel Company operated a company-owned general store and regional offices in two distinct buildings in Jenkinjones, West Virginia.

Blue Sulphur Springs Pavilion
Business / West Virginia

Blue Sulphur Springs is a thermal mineral spring in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. It features a historic, restored pavilion.

Itmann Company Store and Office
Business / West Virginia

The Itmann Company Store and Office was developed by the Pocahontas Fuel Company for their mines in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

Mill Gap General Store
Business / Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in Virginia.

Valley View General Store
Business / Kentucky

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in Kentucky.

Sweet Springs Resort
Business / West Virginia

Sweet Springs is a former springs resort, sanatorium, hospital and nursing home in rural eastern West Virginia.

Cold Springs Hotel
Business / New York

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in New York.

Ashland Home Office
Business / Kentucky

The former Ashland Oil and Refining Company Home Office was located at the corner of Winchester Avenue and 14th Street in downtown Ashland, Kentucky. After being abandoned for a number of years, it was demolished in 2022.

Tri-County Mall
Business / Ohio

Tri-County Mall was an enclosed shopping mall in Springdale, Ohio. It opened in 1960 as an open-air shopping center and enclosed in 1967-68. Tri-County is being redeveloped into a massive mixed-use residential and commercial project that will leave portions of the original mall intact.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Business / West Virginia

A rustic copy of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was constructed adjacent to a historic inn along Elkhorn Creek in McDowell County, West Virginia.

Forest Fair Mall/Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall
Business / Ohio

Cincinnati Mall, formerly known as Forest Fair Mall and Cincinnati Mills, is an ailing shopping center in Fairfield, Ohio.

Randall Park Mall
Business / Ohio

Randall Park Mall, located in North Randall, Ohio, was once one of the largest enclosed shopping centers in the United States.

H. Gordon and Sons Department Store
Business / Indiana

H. Gordon and Sons Department Store is an abandoned four-story department store in downtown Gary, Indiana.

Gary Heat, Light & Water Building
Business / Indiana

The Gary Heat, Light & Water Building was home to the utility company along Madison Avenue in Gary, Indiana.

Holiday Inn - North Randall
Business / Ohio

The Holiday Inn – North Randall was an abandoned hotel adjacent to Randall Park Mall in Randall Park, Ohio.

Esther Manor
Business / New York

Esther Manor is an abandoned resort in the Catskills Mountain near Monticello, New York.

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