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Arvel School
Educational / Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned schools in the United States.

Olive Hill High School
Educational / Kentucky

Olive Hill High School is a former school in downtown Olive Hill, Kentucky. Briefly abandoned, the buildings are being renovated to house storefronts and community space.

St. Michael School
Educational / Pennsylvania

St. Michael School is an abandoned Catholic school in Pennsylvania that was infamous for its long-running Veronica’s Veil performance.

Renick School
Educational / West Virginia

The Falling Spring District High School is an abandoned school in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Fairview School Classroom
Educational / Ohio

Fairview School, designed by Henry E. Siter in the Romanesque Revival style, was built in 1888-90 in the Fairview neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Linwood Public School
Educational / Ohio

Linwood Public School is a former school in the Linwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Windsor School
Educational / Ohio

Windsor School is a former school located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

c. 1916 McKinley School Addition Gymnasium
Educational / Ohio

The McKinley School is a restored circa 1876 and 1919 school along Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ironton High School
Educational / Ohio

Ironton High School is an active school in Ironton, Ohio that was partly demolished and rebuilt between 2007 and 2010.

Higginsport School
Educational / Ohio

The Higginsport School is a formerly abandoned school under renovations in Higginsport, Ohio.

Campton High School
Educational / Kentucky

The Campton High School is a former high school in Campton, Kentucky. It was the first publicly funded high school in Wolfe County and constructed during the Great Depression with funding from the Federal Works Project Administration (WPA). It opened in 1942.

Cape Charles Colored School
Educational / Virginia

The Cape Charles Colored School served African-American children in Cape Charles, Virginia between 1930-66. The building was later reused as a seafood processing facility.

Larimer School
Educational / Pennsylvania

The Larimer School, named for William Larimer, Jr., who opened the first Conestoga wagon business in the area, is a former school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Larimer later moved west and founded Denver, Colorado, and Larimer City, Nebraska.

Hazel Green Academy
Educational / Kentucky

Hazel Green Academy is a former private school that operated between 1880 and 1983 in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Lakin Industrial School for Colored Boys
Educational / West Virginia

Lakin Industrial School for Colored Boys is a former reformatory school for African-Americans in Lakin, West Virginia.

Millersburg Military Institute Library
Educational / Kentucky

The Millersburg Military Institute is a former military academy in Millersburg, Kentucky.

Mt. Sterling High School
Educational / Kentucky

The Mt. Sterling High School is a former school turned assisted living facility, medical office and apartment complex in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

Lafayette-Bloom School Library
Educational / Ohio

Lafayette Bloom School is an abandoned circa 1915 school in Cincinnati, Ohio. The junior high facility featured classrooms for 1,200 pupils, two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, an elaborate auditorium, and an indoor rooftop playground.

Warner & Swasey Observatory
Educational / Ohio

The abandoned Warner & Swasey Observatory, constructed by Worchester Warner and Ambrose Swasey as a gift for Case School of Applied Science, is located in East Cleveland, Ohio.y

McKee Hall
Educational / Tennessee

Knoxville College is a formerly abandoned liberal arts college in Knoxville, Tennessee. It reopened on a limited basis in 2018.