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Elkhorn Power Plant Control Room
Industrial / West Virginia

The Elkhorn Power Plant was constructed by Pocahontas Consolidated Collieries to provide electricity to its mines in West Virginia and Virginia.

Amanda Blast Furnace
Industrial / Kentucky

Armco Steel Ashland Works, now a part of AK Steel, is a mostly closed integrated steel mill near Ashland, Kentucky. It contains a mothballed pig-iron blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, continuous caster, coating line, and other production facilities. At its height, the 700-acre plant also featured a coke facility, another pig-iron blast furnace, and a hot strip.

McClung’s Mill
Industrial / West Virginia

The McClung Mill is a disused gristmill in rural Monroe County, West Virginia.

Vesuvius Furnace
Industrial / Kentucky, Ohio

Charcoal timber, iron ore, and limestone supplied material for numerous furnaces that produced pig iron, munitions, and tools in the Between Rivers, Green River, Hanging Rock, Red River, and Rolling Fork Iron Regions in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Weirton Steel
Industrial / West Virginia

Weirton Steel is a formerly integrated steel mill in Weirton, West Virginia.

Crockery City Brewing Company
Industrial / Ohio

Crockery City Brewery is a former brewery in East Liverpool, Ohio. Named after the city’s famed pottery industry, Crockery City opened in 1900 and closed in 1952.

Hudepohl Brewing Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Hudepohl Brewing Company is an abandoned brewery complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was initially located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and later relocated to the Herman Leckman Brewing Company in the Queensgate neighborhood. Hudepohl vacated the factory in 1987 when it merged with the Schoenling Brewing Company.

Parker Tobacco Company
Industrial / Kentucky

Parker Tobacco Company is a former tobacco purchasing, processing, marketing, and commercial storage operation in Maysville, Kentucky. It was demolished in 2011.

Crosley Radio Building
Industrial / Ohio

The Crosley Radio Building in Cincinnati, Ohio was home to Crosley Radio, the largest manufacturer of table-top radios in the nation.

Ault & Wiborg Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Ault & Wiborg Company was located at 417 East 7th Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. It was built in 1930 for the Queen City Printing Company, a manufacturer of printing inks, dry color dyes, and pigments derived from coal-tar. The complex was demolished in 2009.

Mohonk Mountain House Power Plant
Industrial / New York

The Mohonk Mountain House Power Plant is a long abandoned hydroelectric power house that served the resorts around Lake Minnewaska in New York.

Industrial / Kentucky

Merchants Ice and Cold Storage is an abandoned cold storage facility in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The complex was originally a part of the Schaefer-Meyer and Frank Fehr breweries.

Ballard & Ballard Mills
Industrial / Kentucky

The Campbell Street Power Station is a former power plant in use between 1899 and 1921 for the Louisville Railway Co. in Louisville, Kentucky. The site was reused as a grain elevator and warehouse for Ballard & Ballard Mills between 1947 and 1961.

Indiana Army Ammunition Plant
Industrial / Indiana

The Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP) is a former military ammunition and ordinance factory in Charlestown, Indiana. It was the largest gunpowder and ordinance facility of its type in the United States. INAAP was constructed after the passage of the first National Defense Appropriations Act. Four days after the enactment of the Act, the Munitions Program was passed in which the U.S. Ordinance Department sponsored private manufacturing corporations to design and produce ammunition factories, producing smokeless gunpowder and other ordinances.

Texas Company Oil Refinery
Industrial / Kentucky

The Texas Company Oil Refinery is an abandoned oil refinery in Texola, Kentucky.

Schmulbach Brewery
Industrial / West Virginia

Schmulbach Brewery is a former brewery in Wheeling, West Virginia. It was once an integral part of the city’s rich German heritage.

Fort Greene BCN 211
Industrial / Rhode Island

Fort Greene. constructed as part of a modernization of U.S. coastal defenses in Rhode Island, was mostly abandoned after World War II concluded.

Van Nattas Pumping Station
Industrial / New York

The Van Nattas Pumping Station is an abandoned pump station and mill in Ithaca, New York. It was constructed by the Ithaca Light & Water Company.

Baker Castor Oil Company
Industrial / Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned industries in the United States.

George Gilbert Manufacturing Company Mill No. 1
Industrial / Massachusetts

Between 1860-64, the George Gilbert Manufacturing Company constructed four now-abandoned textile mills along the Ware River in Hardwick, Massachusetts.