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Residential / Maryland

Athol is was abandoned mansion turned sanitarium in Maryland. It burned to the ground on September 27, 2021.

Residential / West Virginia

Lynnside is the disused Greek Revival residence of the influential Lewis family in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Abandoned Furnishings in Living Room
Residential / Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont, Virginia

A gallery of abandoned residences in the United States.

Yeager Estate
Residential / New York

The Yeager Estate is a historic mansion in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

William Tarr House Foyer
Residential / Kentucky

The William Tarr House, the homestead of A.J. Hitt and William Tarr, is an abandoned antebellum near Millersburg, Kentucky.

Dundas Castle
Residential / New York

Dundas Castle, the former estate of Ralph Wurts-Dundas, is an abandoned mountain retreat in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Essex County Home and Farm Home Building and Milk Building / Dry Store Building
Residential / New York

The Essex County Home and Farm is an former county home for the poor and mentally disabled located in New York.

Poplar Hill
Residential / Virginia

Poplar Hill is an abandoned mansion most famously owned by the Dunnington family in rural Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Duncan Hall
Residential / Kentucky

Duncan Hall is a burned, abandoned residence once owned by Major Green Duncan south of Bloomfield, Kentucky.

Welsch Kenosha Dell House
Residential / New York

The Kenoza Dell House is an abandoned tourist boarding house in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

West Shore Hotel
Residential / New York

The West Shore Hotel is a now-demolished tourist boarding house along Lake Huntington in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

A. E. Burckhardt House
Residential / Ohio

The A. E. Burckhardt House is the residence of Bavarian-born furrier Adam Edward Burkhardt in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The mansion was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in March 1980.

James K. Duke House
Residential / Kentucky

The James K. Duke House is an antebellum, 11-room brick house constructed circa 1792 in Scott County, Kentucky.

Allegany County Poorhouse
Residential / New York

The Allegany County Poorhouse is an abandoned county home for the poor and mentally disabled located in western New York.

Old Hickory
Residential / Pennsylvania

Old Hickory is circa 1880 Italianate residence in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. The house was later renovated into The Old Hickory, an inn and tavern. It is being lovingly restored after years of abandonment.

Uplands Deteriorated Interior Room
Residential / Maryland

Uplands is an abandoned 42-room Victorian-style mansion in Baltimore, Maryland. It was first used as a summer home for Mary Frick Garrett Jacobs and later renovated for the Uplands Home for Church Women. It then became a part of New Psalmist Baptist Church.

Spirit House
Residential / New York

The Spirit House is a historic circa 1865 residence and meeting hall in New York. The uniquely designed building was used by those involved in the Spiritualist Movement.

Manley House
Residential / New York

The Manley House is an abandoned Italianate style residence in Richfield Springs, New York. It was constructed circa 1850 by Dr. Hoarce Manley, a physician, graduate of Fairfield Medical College, and surgeon-major in the War of 1812.

Wheeler-Knight House
Residential / Pennsylvania

The historic Wheeler-Knight House is an abandoned residence along the National Pike in Centerville, Pennsylvania.

Residential / Kentucky

Waveland, located in Danville, Kentucky, was constructed between 1797 and 1800 by Willis Green.