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Grand Theater
Theatrical / West Virginia

The Grand Theater, designed in the streamlined Art Deco style and built in 1937, is located in downtown Ronceverte, West Virginia.

Gem Theatre
Theatrical / Illinois

The Gem Theatre is an abandoned theater on 8th Street in downtown Cairo, Illinois.

Sattler Theater
Theatrical / New York

The Sattler Theater is an abandoned theater turned church in Buffalo, New York.

Proctor's Palace Theatre
Theatrical / New Jersey

Proctor’s Palace Theatre is an abandoned twin theatre, with seating for over 4,200, in downtown Newark, New Jersey.

Mountain Drive-In Theater
Theatrical / New York

Mountain Drive-In Theater is an abandoned drive-in theater between Liberty and Loch Sheldrake New York.

Emery Theatre
Theatrical / Ohio

The Emery Theatre is a closed theater that adjoins the former Ohio Mechanics Institute in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Booneville Theater
Theatrical / Kentucky, Ohio

A gallery of abandoned theaters in the United States.

Grand Theatre
Theatrical / Kentucky

The Grand Theatre, located on St. Clair Street in downtown Frankfort, Kentucky, opened in 1911, closed in 1966, and reopened in 2016.

Theatrical / Ohio

The Ro-Na Theater, located along South Third Street in downtown Ironton, Ohio, opened in 1949 and was billed as southern Ohio’s “finest theater.”

Broadway Theater
Theatrical / New York

The Broadway Theater, named after the street it is located on, is an abandoned theater in Monticello, New York.

Paramount Theatre
Theatrical / Ohio

The Paramount Theatre is a former theatre at 138 West Federal Plaza in Youngstown, Ohio. It opened as the Liberty Theatre in 1918, closed as the Paramount in 1976, and demolished in 2013.

Variety Theatre
Theatrical / Ohio

The Variety Theatre, a former theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, operated between 1927 and 1984. Listed as a Cleveland Landmark and in the National Register of Historic Places, the building is being restored after years of abandonment.

Euclid Theater
Theatrical / Ohio

The Euclid Theater, an abandoned theatre in East Cleveland, Ohio, operated from 1925 until 1950. It was the successor to a downtown Cleveland theatre under the same name.

Gary Memorial Auditorium
Theatrical / Indiana

The Gary Memorial Auditorium is an abandoned civic centre in Gary, Indiana. It was built as part of a widespread movement after World War I that sought to commemorate the efforts and sacrifices of the entire nation, not simply by erecting monuments, but by building significant and public utility.

Palace Theater
Theatrical / Indiana

The Palace Theater, an abandoned theatre at 791 Broadway in Gary, Indiana, was in operation from 1925 to 1972. It was considered the most opulent facility of its type in the city before succumbing to the declining fortunes of the town.