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Windsor School

Windsor School is located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio and was constructed in 1888. It closed in 2004 after years of decline.

Windsor School is located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio and was designed by Henry E. Siter and constructed in 1888. An addition housing a gymnasium was constructed in 1918.

As early as 1971, Windsor was on the list of schools that should be replaced or closed due to inadequate wiring, faulty pipes, crowded conditions and poor restrooms. Only eight toilets served 380 children and 27 teachers. Windsor closed in June 2004 as part of the Cincinnati Public School’s $1 billion, ten-year construction project to rehabilitate or rebuild nearly every facility within the city. Due to declining enrollment, the school merged with Douglass School before relocating to a new $10.8 million complex at 2600 Kemper Road that opened in 2006.

Windsor School was auctioned in July 2009 and was sold to the John J. Schiff III Foundation who wanted to rehabilitating the complex for art glass studios and workshops for its Neusole Glassworks gallery and offices. That did not happen due to financing difficulties and the school remains vacant today.

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