The story of a forgotten America.

Railroad Locomotive Graveyard

Located on the tracks of the former U.S. Steel McDonald Works are dozens of locomotives either in various stages of disassembly or intact, awaiting refurbishment.

LTEX Rail has been in the business of scrapping locomotives for years, with its deadline tracks chock full of first- and second-generation locomotives and switchers from Amtrak, Canadian National, Union Pacific, Conrail, VIA and many other companies.

LTEX Rail also contains an inventory of more than 400 EMD and GE locomotives ready for immediate delivery to clients across the United States, whether they are looking to lease, lease to own or purchase. Nearby, a massive warehouse contains thousands of used and rebuilt components for all locomotives.

The site was home to United States Steel’s McDonald Works, which closed in 1981.

Other Railroad Cars

These railroad cars are stored on leased land and are slated for restoration.



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Looks like they have been sitting around for many years. Rusting away.. they should be recycled and mke new ones instead of being just an eye sore.

You didn’t say EXACTLY WHERE in Ohio this Locomotive graveyard was located. Near Lordstown Ohio perhaps?

It’s located in McDonald Ohio. Heading towards Niles you can actually see a lot of them from the road. I’m not sure if you are aloud to trespass and I have no clue as to who to even get in touch with.

McDonald Ohio I grew up there for years it’s been know as “train graveyard “ all the trains have had there motors removed a lot of people I know use to go down there and many still do

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