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1963 Chevrolet Impala
Transportation / Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned vehicles, including automobiles, boats, and tractors, in the United States.

National Tube Company Lorain Works
Industry / Ohio

A formerly integrated steel mill, once owned by U.S. Steel’s subsidiary National Tube and later Republic Steel, among others, is located in Lorain, Ohio.

Immaculate Heart of Mary School
School / Pennsylvania

Immaculate Heart of Thraseas School is an abandoned Roman Catholic school that closed in 1997 because of dwindling enrollment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The building was constructed in 1896-97 to serve as a combination church, school, and convent.

Merchants Ice & Cold Storage
Industry / Kentucky

Merchants Ice & Cold Storage is a former cold storage facility in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The complex was originally a part of the Schaefer-Meyer and Frank Fehr breweries.

Pittsburgh Veterans Administration Hospital
Medical / Pennsylvania

The Highland Drive Veterans Administration Hospital is a former medical center in Pennsylvania, operating from 1953 to 2013.

Ohio and Erie Canal
Transportation / Ohio

The Ohio and Erie Canal was a canal constructed between Cleveland and Portsmouth, Ohio, much of it abandoned after a severe flood in 1913.

Vesuvius Furnace
Industry / Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio

The production of pig iron, munitions, and tools in the Between Rivers, Green River, Hanging Rock, Red River, and Rolling Fork Iron Regions in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, as well as other regions of the United States, was facilitated by the availability of charcoal timber, iron ore, and limestone as raw materials for the furnaces.

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad Jackson Shops
Railroad / Michigan, Ohio

The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad (DT&I) is a defunct railroad that connected Ironton, Ohio to Michigan. It had its beginnings as the Iron Railroad in southern Ohio, and through acquisitions and mergers, the DT&I stretched for over 370 miles from Ironton to automobile manufacturing plants in Michigan.

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad (M&C) is a defunct railroad that connected Cincinnati, Ohio to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Through acquisitions during the 1800s, the M&C commanded over 270 miles of railroad, from Cincinnati to Marietta and south to Portsmouth and Hillsboro. The line was later absorbed into the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, becoming its mainline between Cumberland, Maryland, and St. Louis. Significant portions of the route have since been abandoned.

Cincinnati and Eastern Railroad Scioto River Bridge
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati & Eastern Railroad (C&E) is an active and out-of-service railroad between Cincinnati and Portsmouth, Ohio.

Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine and Beattyville Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky

The Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine & Beattyville Railroad (RNI&B, Riney-B) is a former railroad between Frankfort and Beattyville, Kentucky. In its original form, the RNI&B extended from Versailles and Irvine, Kentucky. It was acquired by another railroad in 1899 and extended to Beattyville and Airedale. Another acquisition extended the line west to Frankfort, giving the RNI&B a total of 110 miles.

Texas Company Oil Refinery
Industry / Kentucky

The Texas Company Oil Refinery is an abandoned oil refinery once owned by Oleum, Great Southern, Texas Company, and Ashland Oil & Refining in Lee County, Kentucky.

Mt. Zion Methodist Church
Church / West Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned churches in West Virginia.

Residence / Kentucky

This is a gallery of abandoned residences in Kentucky.

Young's High Bridge
Railroad / Kentucky

The Louisville & Southern Railway Lexington to Lawrenceburg Division is an active and abandoned railroad in central Kentucky. At its centerpiece is Young’s High Bridge.

St. Joseph’s Church
Church / New York

St. Joseph’s Church is a former Catholic church in Albany, New York. Work is ongoing to stabilize the historic structure after years of neglect.

West Virginia Penitentiary
Prison / Jail / West Virginia

West Virginia Penitentiary is a former prison that operated between 1876 and 1995 in Moundsville, West Virginia. It is currently a tourist attraction and training facility.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Greenbrier Division
Railroad / West Virginia

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Greenbrier Division is a former railroad in the Greenbrier River valley in Greenbrier and Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The 101-mile line was one of the C&O’s primary branch lines for timber products and served more lumber companies than any other in the state.

Lawrence Frick State Hospital, SCI Cresson
Medical / Pennsylvania

Lawrence Frick State Hospital, later SCI Cresson, is a former tuberculosis sanatorium and prison in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Mill Gap General Store
Business / Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in Virginia.

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