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Hills Chapel
Religious / Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

This features a gallery of abandoned churches and religious buildings in the United States.

Williamson Memorial Hospital
Medical / West Virginia

Williamson Memorial Hospital is a closed hospital turned event destinatio in Williamson, West Virginia.

Fayette, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Fayette and South Fayette, West Virginia were established along the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) when it was completed through the New River Valley in January 1873.

Community / West Virginia

Thurmond is a storied town located along the New River in Fayette County, West Virginia. It was once the hub of local operations for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway and the center of commerce.

Weirton Steel
Industrial / West Virginia

Weirton Steel is a formerly integrated steel mill in Weirton, West Virginia.

Crockery City Brewing Company
Industrial / Ohio

Crockery City Brewery is a former brewery in East Liverpool, Ohio. Named after the city’s famed pottery industry, Crockery City opened in 1900 and closed in 1952.

Commercial / West Virginia

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park in Princeton, West Virginia.

Residential / West Virginia

Lynnside is the disused Greek Revival residence of the influential Lewis family in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Renick School
Educational / West Virginia

The Falling Spring District High School is an abandoned school in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Arvel School
Educational / Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned schools in the United States.

Abandoned Furnishings in Living Room
Residential / Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont, Virginia

A gallery of abandoned residences in the United States.

Grand Theater
Theatrical / West Virginia

The Grand Theater, designed in the streamlined Art Deco style and built in 1937, is located in downtown Ronceverte, West Virginia.

Ronceverte Christian Church
Religious / West Virginia

The Ronceverte Christian Church is a closed Christian church in Ronceverte, West Virginia. Constructed in 1886, it was the first and only sanctuary in Greenbrier County for years.

McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Community / Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned or neglected communities in the United States.

Little Rock Assembly Church
Community / West Virginia

Thayer is a former coal camp built by the Empriam Creek Coal & Coke Company along the New River in West Virginia.

Kay Moor
Community / West Virginia

Kay Moor, West Virginia is a former Low Moor Iron company town. At its height, Kay Moor featured a coal mine and processing plant. Kay Moor was named for James Kay, a Low Moor Iron employee whose task was to construct the town at the base of the mountain.

Community / West Virginia

Nuttallburg, located along the New River in Fayette County, West Virginia, was a coal mining venture that was spawned out of England-born entrepreneur John Nuttall.

Greenwood Mine Powerhouse
Community / West Virginia

Laurel Creek, located between the Greenwood and Backus Mountains in Fayette County, West Virginia, was home to numerous coal mines and camps.

McKendree Hospital Front Steps
Medical / West Virginia

The McKendree Hospital complex is a former state-operated miner hospital along the New River in West Virginia.

Iona Grange No. 272
Fraternal / Pennsylvania

A gallery of abandoned fraternal organizations in the United States.

Hudepohl Brewing Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Hudepohl Brewing Company is an abandoned brewery complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was initially located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and later relocated to the Herman Leckman Brewing Company in the Queensgate neighborhood. Hudepohl vacated the factory in 1987 when it merged with the Schoenling Brewing Company.

Fairview School Classroom
Educational / Ohio

Fairview School, designed by Henry E. Siter in the Romanesque Revival style, was built in 1888-90 in the Fairview neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Linwood Public School
Educational / Ohio

Linwood Public School is a former school in the Linwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Windsor School
Educational / Ohio

Windsor School is a former school located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

c. 1916 McKinley School Addition Gymnasium
Educational / Ohio

The McKinley School is a restored circa 1876 and 1919 school along Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Little Miami Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Little Miami Railroad (LM) is a defunct railroad that connected Cincinnati to Xenia, Ohio. Most of the alignment has been converted into a popular recreational trail.

First German Reformed Church Sanctuary
Religious / Ohio

The First German Reformed Church is formerly abandoned church in the West End neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is being stabilized and renovated into a climbing gymnasium.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
Religious / Ohio

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ironton High School
Educational / Ohio

Ironton High School is an active school in Ironton, Ohio that was partly demolished and rebuilt between 2007 and 2010.

Glencoe-Auburn Place
Community / Ohio

Glencoe-Auburn was a collection of 19th-century rowhouses in the Mt. Auburn neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, characterized by single-colored pastel facades and a Gothic Revival-style hotel. It was Cincinnati’s first suburb.

Parker Tobacco Company
Industrial / Kentucky

Parker Tobacco Company is a former tobacco purchasing, processing, marketing, and commercial storage operation in Maysville, Kentucky. It was demolished in 2011.

Hayswood Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

Hayswood Hospital is a former medical center in Maysville, Kentucky.

Higginsport School
Educational / Ohio

The Higginsport School is a formerly abandoned school under renovations in Higginsport, Ohio.

Campton High School
Educational / Kentucky

The Campton High School is a former high school in Campton, Kentucky. It was the first publicly funded high school in Wolfe County and constructed during the Great Depression with funding from the Federal Works Project Administration (WPA). It opened in 1942.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Dawkins Subdivision Marshallville Trestle
Railroad / Kentucky

The 36-mile Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Dawkins Subdivision extended from West Van Lear to Evanston, Kentucky. The former coal hauling branch featured three grades of 1% to 1.25%, two tunnels, and 35 bridges.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Dawkins Subdivision Goodloe
Railroad / Kentucky

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Middle Creek Subdivision extended from the C&O’s Big Sandy Subdivision at Prestonsburg, Kentucky to David.

Louisville & Southern Railway Lexington to Lawrenceburg Division
Railroad / Kentucky

The Louisville & Southern Railway Lexington to Lawrenceburg Division is a partly active and abandoned railroad in central Kentucky.

William Tarr House Foyer
Residential / Kentucky

The William Tarr House, the homestead of A.J. Hitt and William Tarr, is an abandoned antebellum near Millersburg, Kentucky.

Crosley Radio Building
Industrial / Ohio

The Crosley Radio Building in Cincinnati, Ohio was home to Crosley Radio, the largest manufacturer of table-top radios in the nation.

Ault & Wiborg Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Ault & Wiborg Company was located at 417 East 7th Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. It was built in 1930 for the Queen City Printing Company, a manufacturer of printing inks, dry color dyes, and pigments derived from coal-tar. The complex was demolished in 2009.

Tunnel / Kentucky

The Mill Creek Tunnel was located along the Louisville & Nashville Railroad’s “Short Line” in Carroll County, Kentucky.

Dingess Tunnel
Railroad / West Virginia

The Norfolk & Western Railroad (N&W) Twelvepole Line was part of the original alignment of the N&W between Lenore, West Virginia and Ohio. It was replaced by the 59-mile Big Sandy Low-Grade Line through Mingo and Wayne counties.

Morehead & North Fork Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky

The Morehead & North Fork Railroad is a former railroad between the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad in Morehead and Redwine, Kentucky.

Escanaba Traction Bridge
Railroad / Michigan

The Escanaba Traction Railroad is a former interurban that connected the communities of Escanaba and Gladstone, Michigan.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Gauley Subdivision at Belva
Railroad / West Virginia

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Gauley Branch connected the C&O’s mainline at Gauley Junction, West Virginia to a coal mine at Greendale. Connections were later made to the Kanawha & Michigan Railroad, Kanawha & West Virginia Railroad, and the Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbrier Railway, transforming the obscure line into a busy spur for much of the 20th century.

Mohonk Mountain House Power Plant
Industrial / New York

The Mohonk Mountain House Power Plant is a long abandoned hydroelectric power house that served the resorts around Lake Minnewaska in New York.

Glady Tunnel
Railroad / Maryland, West Virginia

The West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway (WVC&P) is a former railroad between Elkins, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland that served coal and timber interests.

Industrial / Kentucky

Merchants Ice and Cold Storage is an abandoned cold storage facility in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The complex was originally a part of the Schaefer-Meyer and Frank Fehr breweries.

Ballard & Ballard Mills
Industrial / Kentucky

The Campbell Street Power Station is a former power plant in use between 1899 and 1921 for the Louisville Railway Co. in Louisville, Kentucky. The site was reused as a grain elevator and warehouse for Ballard & Ballard Mills between 1947 and 1961.

Central Islip State Hospital Sun Porch
Medical / New York

Central Islip State Hospital is a partially abandoned and reused state hospital in New York. It began in 1887 as an experimental farm colony of the New York City Lunatic Asylum, which became the Manhattan State Hospital for the Insane in 1896 and finally Central Islip State Hospital in 1905. At its peak, Central Islip was the nation’s second-biggest psychiatric hospital.

Kentucky Union Railway
Railroad / Kentucky

The Kentucky Union Railway (KU) is a former railroad that extended for 95 miles from Lexington to Jackson, Kentucky.

Kentucky River Lock & Dam No. 14
Transportation / Kentucky

The Kentucky River consists of 14 active and closed locks and dams between Carrollton and Beattyville, Kentucky.

Railroad / Kentucky

Richwood Tahoe Railroad is a former two-foot narrow-gauge passenger railroad around a corporate office building in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. It featured the state’s only working steam locomotive.

Guyandotte Hotel
Commercial / West Virginia

The Guyandotte Hotel is a long abandoned hotel in the coalfields of West Virginia. Guests in the hotel over the years included then-Senator John F. Kennedy, United Mine Worker’s President John L. Lewis, Babe Ruth, Will Rogers, and other dignitaries.

Glady Tunnel
Tunnel / West Virginia

The Glady Tunnel is an abandoned 1,000-foot tunnel built for the Coal & Iron Railway under Shavers Mountain in Glady, West Virginia.

Kanawha Falls Bridge
Bridge / West Virginia

The Kanawha Falls Bridge connects US Route 60 (Midland Trail) to Kanawha Falls Road over the Kanawha River in Fayette County, West Virginia. The crossing closed to automobile traffic in 2018.

President Abraham Lincoln
Commercial / Virginia

Standing in a field near Williamsburg, Virginia are 43 crumbling effigies of the presidents of the United States. The busts are all that remains of the defunct Presidents Park.

Vesuvius Furnace
Industrial / Kentucky, Ohio

Charcoal timber, iron ore, and limestone supplied material for numerous furnaces that produced pig iron, munitions, and tools in the Between Rivers, Green River, Hanging Rock, Red River, and Rolling Fork Iron Regions in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Kitts Hill Grange No. 2443
Commercial / Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia

A gallery of abandoned businesses in the United States.

Cincinnati and Eastern Railroad Scioto River Bridge
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati & Eastern Railway (C&E) is an active and out-of-service a railroad between Claire near Cincinnati, Ohio east to Portsmouth, operated today by the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad. At its western terminus, it connected with the Cincinnati, Lebanon, and Northern (CL&N) and the Pennsylvania Railroad Richmond Division (PRR), and to the Scioto Valley Railway at its eastern terminus.

Springfield City Hospital
Medical / Ohio

The Springfield City Hospital is a former medical center in Springfield, Ohio that was in operation between 1931 to 2011.

Tecumseh Building
Commercial / Ohio

The Tecumseh Building, also known as the Francis Drolla Building, is a vacant office building in downtown Springfield, Ohio. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

Indiana Army Ammunition Plant
Industrial / Indiana

The Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP) is a former military ammunition and ordinance factory in Charlestown, Indiana. It was the largest gunpowder and ordinance facility of its type in the United States. INAAP was constructed after the passage of the first National Defense Appropriations Act. Four days after the enactment of the Act, the Munitions Program was passed in which the U.S. Ordinance Department sponsored private manufacturing corporations to design and produce ammunition factories, producing smokeless gunpowder and other ordinances.

Texas Company Oil Refinery
Industrial / Kentucky

The Texas Company Oil Refinery is an abandoned oil refinery in Texola, Kentucky.

Schmulbach Brewery
Industrial / West Virginia

Schmulbach Brewery is a former brewery in Wheeling, West Virginia. It was once an integral part of the city’s rich German heritage.

King Solomon Baptist Church
Religious / Michigan

King Solomon Baptist Church is a former church notable for its Tudor Revival-style sanctuary and Art Deco-style auditorium in the Northwest Goldberg neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. It was built for Temple Baptist, a conservative, pro-segregationist church, and later became home to King Solomon Baptist Church.

Catlettsburg National Bank Building
Commercial / Kentucky

The Catlettsburg National Bank Building is a now demolished historic bank building in downtown Catlettsburg, Kentucky.

8th Street District
Community / Illinois

Located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers surrounded by levees, Cairo, Illinois was strategically important during the Civil War but today is one of the poorest cities in the nation after decades of racial turbulence.

Gem Theatre
Theatrical / Illinois

The Gem Theatre is an abandoned theater on 8th Street in downtown Cairo, Illinois.

Russell YMCA
Commercial / Kentucky

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Russell YMCA provided overnight lodging, baths, meeting space, and other accommodations for railroad workers in Russell, Kentucky.

Abandoned Boats at Castle Marina
Transportation / Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned vehicles, including automobiles, boats, and tractors, in the United States.

Cooper Stadium
Recreational / Ohio

Cooper Stadium is an abandoned baseball stadium that was home to several minor league teams in Columbus, Ohio.

Grayson - Little Sandy River Bridge
Railroad / Kentucky

The Eastern Kentucky Railway (EK) is a former 36-mile railroad between Riverton (Greenup) and Webbville, Kentucky. Although it served several mines and early pig-iron blast furnaces, the EK was abandoned in 1933 during the height of the Great Depression.

Typical Room
Commercial / Pennsylvania

The Old Company Club is a former clubhouse for the Lehigh Navigation & Coal Company in Pennsylvania. It later became a nursing home.

Turn Hole Tunnel
Railroad / Pennsylvania

The defunct Lehigh & Susquehanna Railroad was founded in 1837 to carry coal from the North Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal to the Lehigh Canal.

A view of The Cyclone at the abandoned Williams Grove Amusement Park.
Recreational / Pennsylvania

Williams Grove Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park in Pennsylvania that operated from 1850 until 2005.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Lexington Subdivision
Railroad / Kentucky

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Lexington Subdivision is a mostly abandoned 109-mile route between Lexington and Ashland, Kentucky.

Fisher Covered Bridge along the former St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad
Railroad / Vermont

The St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad is a former railroad in northern Vermont that provided service to rural parts of the state for over a century. A lack of stable revenue forced the closure of the lien in 1994 and significant portions of the line are now being rehabilitated into a trail.

Fort Greene BCN 211
Industrial / Rhode Island

Fort Greene. constructed as part of a modernization of U.S. coastal defenses in Rhode Island, was mostly abandoned after World War II concluded.

Willard Asylum for the Insane
Medical / New York

Allegheny Asylum for the Insane is a former state hospital in New York. It became the Allegheny State Hospital in 1890, the Allegheny Psychiatric Center in 1974 and the Allegheny Drug Treatment Center in 1995.

Van Nattas Pumping Station
Industrial / New York

The Van Nattas Pumping Station is an abandoned pump station and mill in Ithaca, New York. It was constructed by the Ithaca Light & Water Company.

St. Mark Church
Religious / Ohio

St. Mark Church is a former Roman Catholic church in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was dedicated to the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. During its first 50 years of operation, St. Mark’s had 24 priestly vocations, which included one bishop, two religious brothers, and 36 religious sisters.

Baker Castor Oil Company
Industrial / Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned industries in the United States.

Delaware & Hudson Railway Penn Division
Railroad / Pennsylvania

The Delaware & Hudson Railway Pennsylvania Division ran from the connection with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Buttonwood Yard in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to the Erie Railroad’s mainline near Lanesboro and north to the D&H’s Susquehanna Division at Nineveh, New York.

George Gilbert Manufacturing Company Mill No. 1
Industrial / Massachusetts

Between 1860-64, the George Gilbert Manufacturing Company constructed four now-abandoned textile mills along the Ware River in Hardwick, Massachusetts.

Church of the Transfiguration
Religious / New York

The Church of the Transfiguration is an abandoned and collapsed Roman Catholic church in Buffalo, New York.

Oakwood Cemetery Historic Entrance
Religious / New York

The historic Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, New York features a wide variety of elaborate mausoleums and graves, along with a disused administration building, mortuary chapel, and entrance.

Buckeye Ordnance Works Power Plant
Industrial / Ohio

The Buckeye Ordnance Works manufactured ammonium nitrate explosives for three years during World War II in South Point, Ohio. The complex was later used in the production of agricultural products, bio-fuel, and various chemicals.

Selby Shoe Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Selby Shoe Company was located along South Third Street in Ironton, Ohio. The property later became home to Wilson Athletic Goods.

Morris Memorial Hospital for Crippled Children
Medical / West Virginia

The Morris Memorial Hospital for Crippled Children is a historic medical center in Milton, West Virginia. The facility was built in phases from 1936 to 1941 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) for children stricken with polio. It is being renovated into a resort.

Delmar Hotel
Commercial / New York

The Delmar Hotel is an abandoned resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

The Pines
Commercial / New York

The Pines is an abandoned resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Brown's Hotel
Commercial / New York

Brown’s Hotel and Country Club is an abandoned resort in the Borscht Belt of the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Westinghouse Atom Smasher
Industrial / Pennsylvania

The Westinghouse Atom Smasher was an electrostatic nuclear accelerator operated by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation at their Research Laboratories in Forest Hills, Pennsylvania. The 5 MeV electrostatic nuclear accelerator was instrumental in the development of applications of nuclear science for energy production and marked the beginning of nuclear research for civilian applications.

Holy Souls' Episcopal Church Camp Chapel
Religious / New York

The Holy Souls’ Episcopal Church Camp is an abandoned summer camp for the Holy Souls Protestant Episcopal Church in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Dundas Castle
Residential / New York

Dundas Castle, the former estate of Ralph Wurts-Dundas, is an abandoned mountain retreat in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

George Island Landing
Community / Maryland

Once noted as “Oyster Capital of the World,” George Island Landing is a declined oyster and crab fishing village in eastern Maryland.

Essex County Home and Farm Home Building and Milk Building / Dry Store Building
Residential / New York

The Essex County Home and Farm is an former county home for the poor and mentally disabled located in New York.

Netherland Tavern
Commercial / Virginia

The Netherland Tavern, where General Wade Hampton had his headquarters and compound and the site of a Civil War battle, is located in Virginia.

Winston Family Chapel
Religious / Virginia

The abandoned Winston Family Chapel was constructed in 1908 by the patriarch of the Winston family in rural Culpeper County, Virginia. It is in a state of arrested decay.

Cape Charles Colored School
Educational / Virginia

The Cape Charles Colored School served African-American children in Cape Charles, Virginia between 1930-66. The building was later reused as a seafood processing facility.

Poplar Hill
Residential / Virginia

Poplar Hill is an abandoned mansion most famously owned by the Dunnington family in rural Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church
Religious / Virginia

The Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church is an abandoned church in Virginia.

Hamilton Cottages
Commercial / New York

The Hamilton Cottages is an abandoned tourist boarding house and cottage complex in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

St. Joseph’s Church
Religious / New York

St. Joseph’s Church is a historic, closed Roman Catholic church in Albany, New York. The current structure was constructed of blue limestone in 1860 and remained in use until 1994. Ongoing efforts have been made throughout the ensuing years to stabilize the mammoth structure.

Western Penitentiary
Penitentiary / Pennsylvania

Western Penitentiary, later known as SCI Pittsburgh, was a low-to-medium prison in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was the first prison west of the Atlantic Plain as well as a major Civil War prison in 1863–1864.

Railroad / Ohio

The Niles & New Lisbon Railroad is an abandoned railroad corridor between Niles and Lisbon, Ohio. It was completed in 1873 and all but abandoned in 1976.

Lowville and Beaver River Railroad
Railroad / New York

The Lowville & Beaver River Railroad is a disused railroad between Lowville and Croghan, New York.

United Brethren Christ Church Sanctuary
Religious / Pennsylvania

The United Brethren Church, which later became the Covenant Whosoever Will Church of God, was located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Larimer School
Educational / Pennsylvania

The Larimer School, named for William Larimer, Jr., who opened the first Conestoga wagon business in the area, is a former school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Larimer later moved west and founded Denver, Colorado, and Larimer City, Nebraska.

Silver Comet Roller Coaster
Commercial / New York

Fantasia Island originally opened as a small children’s oriented theme park in 1961 in western New York. An expansion in the 1970s and 1980s with adult-themed rides and a water park made Fantasia Island a reliable summertime destination. Economic conditions caused the amusement park to close in 1982 and again in 2020, although plans are in place to reopen Fantasia Island in 2021.

Gold Seal Winery
Industrial / New York

The Chandon Wine Company is an abandoned winery complex in New York. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in November 2010.

Genesee Power Station
Industrial / New York

Genesee Power Station is an abandoned power plant in New York that was in operation from 1948 to 2000.

Jackson Sanatorium
Medical / New York

The Jackson Sanatorium is a former resort and sanatorium in Dansville, New York that focused on recuperation through hydrotherapy and a diet focused on fruits, vegetables, and grains.

United States Lightship Barnegat
Transportation / New Jersey

The Barnegat, abandoned at a marina in Camden, New Jersey, was built in 1904 to serve as a lightship near Cape May Lighthouse and Barnegat Inlet. It was later positioned at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Maryland and at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.

Spirit of Rochester
Transportation / New York

The Spirit of Rochester is an abandoned lunch and dinner cruise boat that operated between 1985 and 2004 in Rochester, New York.

Gilmary Catholic Retreat Center Convent Chapel
Religious / Pennsylvania

The Gianella Catholic Retreat Center was a center for youth outreach and adult ministry operated by the Diocese of Pittsburgh near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Laura VII
Transportation / Kentucky, Ohio

Bob Callihan’s concrete houseboat was constructed in Greenup, Kentucky in 1974-78, and subsequently launched into the Ohio River. It was later abandoned after floodwaters pushed it onto a bank where it remains today.

Industrial / Kentucky

Armco Steel Ashland Works, now a part of AK Steel, is a mostly closed integrated steel mill near Ashland, Kentucky. It contains a mothballed pig-iron blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, continuous caster, coating line, and other production facilities. At its height, the 700-acre plant also featured a coke facility, another pig-iron blast furnace, and a hot strip.

Blue Heron Tipple
Industrial / Kentucky

The Stearns Coal & Lumber Company is a former coal and timber extraction outfit that operated in northeast Tennessee and southeast Kentucky.

T.W. Samuels Distillery
Industrial / Kentucky

The T.W. Samuels Distillery is an abandoned distillery in Deatsville, Kentucky.

Hazel Green Academy
Educational / Kentucky

Hazel Green Academy is a former private school that operated between 1880 and 1983 in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Buckhorn AT&T Long Line Tower
Commercial / Ohio

The AT&T Long Lines division featured a system of microwave relay towers that transmitted information across the United States.

Stearns and Foster Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Stearns and Foster Company is a now-demolished mattress factory in Lockland, Ohio. It was the most substantial cotton consumer in the United States at its peak.

Lakin Industrial School for Colored Boys
Educational / West Virginia

Lakin Industrial School for Colored Boys is a former reformatory school for African-Americans in Lakin, West Virginia.

Corbin Municipal Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

Corbin Municipal Hospital, later the Southeast Kentucky Baptist Hospital, is a former medical center in Corbin, Kentucky.

Burlington Northern Railroad 9917
Railroad / Ohio

Located on the tracks of the former U.S. Steel McDonald Works are dozens of locomotives either in various stages of disassembly or intact, awaiting refurbishment.

Mullins Limestone Mine
Industrial / Kentucky

The Kentucky Stone Company operated a large above-ground and below-ground limestone quarry in Mullins (Withers), Kentucky.

Tennessee State Penitentiary
Penitentiary / Tennessee

Tennessee State Penitentiary is a former state prison that operated from 1831 to 1992 near Nashville, Tennessee.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Greenbrier Division
Railroad / West Virginia

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Greenbrier Division is a former railroad in the Greenbrier River valley in Greenbrier and Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The 101-mile line was one of the C&O’s primary branch lines for timber products and served more lumber companies than any other in the state.

Webster Springs (Addison) Freight Train Station
Railroad / West Virginia

The Western Maryland Railway Laurel Subdivision is a partly abandoned railroad in the Allegheny Highlands of West Virginia. It is comprised of the Greenbrief, Cheat & Elk Railroad and the West Virginia Midland Railway.

Duncan Hall
Residential / Kentucky

Duncan Hall is a burned, abandoned residence once owned by Major Green Duncan south of Bloomfield, Kentucky.

Millersburg Military Institute Library
Educational / Kentucky

The Millersburg Military Institute is a former military academy in Millersburg, Kentucky.

River Valley Hospital
Medical / Ohio

River Valley Hospital, formerly known as the Lawrence County General Hospital, is a former medical center on South 9th Street in Ironton, Ohio.

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad Jackson Shops
Railroad / Michigan, Ohio

The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad (DT&I) is a defunct railroad that connected Ironton, Ohio to Michigan. It had its beginnings as the Iron Railroad in southern Ohio, and through acquisitions and mergers, the DT&I stretched for over 370 miles from Ironton to automobile manufacturing plants in Michigan.

Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad (M&C) is a defunct railroad that connected Cincinnati, Ohio to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Through acquisitions during the 1800s, the M&C commanded over 270 miles of railroad, from Cincinnati to Marietta and south to Portsmouth and Hillsboro. The line was later absorbed into the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, becoming its mainline between Cumberland, Maryland, and St. Louis. Significant portions of the route have since been abandoned.

Recreational / Kentucky

Raceland is a former a horse racing track in Chinnville, Kentucky (now known as Raceland), operating between 1924 and 1928.

January & Wood Company
Industrial / Kentucky

January & Wood Company is a former cotton mill at West Second Street in Maysville, Kentucky. It closed in 2003.

Mt. Sterling Baptist Church Sanctuary
Religious / Kentucky

Mt. Sterling Baptist Church is a closed church in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. It was one of the first churches organized by the Baptists west of the Allegheny Mountains in 1796.

Mt. Sterling High School
Educational / Kentucky

The Mt. Sterling High School is a former school turned assisted living facility, medical office and apartment complex in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

Olive Hill High School
Educational / Kentucky

Olive Hill High School is a former school in downtown Olive Hill, Kentucky. Briefly abandoned, the buildings are being renovated to house storefronts and community space.

Sideling Hill Tunnel
Railroad / Pennsylvania

The East Broad Top Railroad & Coal Company (EBT) is a historic and mostly abandoned narrow-gauge railroad that operated between 1871 and 1956 in Pennsylvania. The EBT was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The railroad was added in 1996 to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of America’s Most Endangered Places.

Fisher's Travel Camp
Commercial / Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia

A gallery of vintage and abandoned gasoline stations in the United States.

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Hawks Nest Subdivision
Railroad / West Virginia

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Hawks Nest Subdivision is an abandoned 3.4-mile branch from Hawks Nest Station to Ansted, West Virginia. It was originally conceived as a narrow-gauge line alongside Mill Creek.

Commercial / Kentucky

The Lexington Mall is a former indoor shopping mall on Richmond Road in Lexington, Kentucky. Completed in 1975 by Saul Centers, it was the second indoor shopping center in the city.

Old Taylor Distillery
Industrial / Kentucky

Old Taylor Distillery is a formerly abandoned distillery along Glenn’s Creek near Frankfort, Kentucky. The complex is currently being restored for Castle & Key, an upstart distillery.

Big Woods, Red River & Lombard Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky

The Big Woods, Red River & Lombard Railroad (BWRR&L) is a former narrow gauge railroad in Powell and Menifee counties in Kentucky. It was constructed circa 1910 to access the virgin forests of the Red River valley.

Sand Patch Tunnel
Tunnel / Pennsylvania

Sand Patch Tunnel is an abandoned 4,777-foot railroad tunnel that was constructed by the Pittsburgh & Connelsville Railroad in Pennsylvania.

Welsch Kenosha Dell House
Residential / New York

The Kenoza Dell House is an abandoned tourist boarding house in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

West Shore Hotel
Residential / New York

The West Shore Hotel is a now-demolished tourist boarding house along Lake Huntington in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Westland Mall
Commercial / Ohio

Westland Mall is an abandoned shopping mall on the western fringes of Columbus, Ohio. One of four directionally-named shopping centers in the region, all but Southland were constructed by Jacobs, Visconsi & Jacobs.

Smallwood Pulp Stone Company
Industrial / Ohio

Smallwood Pulp Stone Company quarried pulpstones from sandstone mines between 1914 and 1932 in eastern Ohio. The pulpstones were used to grind wood into a paste.

Bay State Iron Company No. 7 Mine
Industrial / New York

The No. 7 Concentrating Mill is a long abandoned mine and iron ore concentrating and separating plant in New York.

Dennison Hotel
Commercial / Ohio

The Dennison Hotel was a hotel at 716-721 Main Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The building was originally constructed for the G.B. Schulte Sons’ Company and later remodeled into the Dennison.

Cherry Valley Coke Ovens
Industrial / Ohio

The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens consists of 200 disused coke ovens that were constructed by the Leetonia Iron and Coal Company circa 1866 in Leetonia, Ohio.

Lafayette-Bloom School Library
Educational / Ohio

Lafayette Bloom School is an abandoned circa 1915 school in Cincinnati, Ohio. The junior high facility featured classrooms for 1,200 pupils, two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, an elaborate auditorium, and an indoor rooftop playground.

A. E. Burckhardt House
Residential / Ohio

The A. E. Burckhardt House is the residence of Bavarian-born furrier Adam Edward Burkhardt in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The mansion was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in March 1980.

West Virginia Exposition & State Fair
Recreational / West Virginia

The West Virginia Exposition & State Fair in Wheeling, West Virginia closed in 1937. The exposition hall was reused as a skating rink and for storage in later years before burning to the ground on January 1, 2020.

Evangelical Reformed Salem Church
Religious / Kentucky

The German Evangelical Salem Reformed Church is a formerly abandoned church constructed in the High Victorian Gothic style in 1876 on Prentice Street in the California neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

Monarch Tobacco Works
Industrial / Kentucky

Monarch Tobacco Works is an abandoned plug chewing tobacco, cigarette, and cigar factory in Louisville, Kentucky. It was used for Monarch Tobacco Company to produce plug chewing tobacco between 1901 and 1910, to manufacture cigarettes for the American Tobacco Company until the mid-1920s, and to assemble cigars for the American Cigar Company between 1930 and 1971.

USS Sachem and USS Phenakite
Transportation / Kentucky

The USS Sachem and USS Phenakite is an abandoned yacht that was used by the United States Navy from 1917 to 1919 and again from 1942 to 1945. It was later used as a tour boat before becoming abandoned on a small creek just yards from the Ohio River in northern Kentucky.

Sacred Heart Church
Religious / New York

Sacred Heart Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic church in Buffalo, New York.

Sattler Theater
Theatrical / New York

The Sattler Theater is an abandoned theater turned church in Buffalo, New York.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary
Penitentiary / Tennessee

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, later known as Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex, is a former maximum-security prison in Morgan County, Tennessee. It was established in 1896 and operated for 113 years until 2009. Brushy Mountain reopened as a tourist attraction in 2018, which includes guided tours of the prison, a restaurant, gift shop, event venue, and a distillery.

James K. Duke House
Residential / Kentucky

The James K. Duke House is an antebellum, 11-room brick house constructed circa 1792 in Scott County, Kentucky.

Horace Burgess's Treehouse
Religious / Tennessee

Horace Burgess’ Treehouse, also known as the Minster’s Treehouse, was a treehouse and church in Crossville, Tennessee. Work on the treehouse began in 1993. It was closed to the public in 2012 and burned to the ground in October 2019.

Warner & Swasey Observatory
Educational / Ohio

The abandoned Warner & Swasey Observatory, constructed by Worchester Warner and Ambrose Swasey as a gift for Case School of Applied Science, is located in East Cleveland, Ohio.y

McKee Hall
Educational / Tennessee

Knoxville College is a formerly abandoned liberal arts college in Knoxville, Tennessee. It reopened on a limited basis in 2018.

Allegany County Poorhouse
Residential / New York

The Allegany County Poorhouse is an abandoned county home for the poor and mentally disabled located in western New York.

Big Muskie
Industrial / Ohio

The Big Muskie is a former dragline excavator for the Central Ohio Coal Company near Cumberland, Ohio. All that remains of what was one of the world’s largest earth-moving machines is the bucket, now part of a park on reclaimed strip mine lands.

American Ice Company Engine Room
Industrial / Maryland

The American Ice Company is an abandoned ice manufacturing plant along West Franklin Street in Baltimore, Maryland. Constructed in 1911, American Ice served the growing city of Baltimore. A railroad connection enabled it to ship ice to clients in New York City and Washington, D.C. It remained in operation until 2004. The facility is being redeveloped into a mixed-use event, commercial, and community facility.

National Acme
Industrial / Ohio

National Acme, a merger of two notable machine tool manufacturers, is an abandoned factory in Cleveland, Ohio. At its height, National Acme was one of the largest manufacturers of machine tools in the United States.

St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church
Religious / Ohio

St. Joseph Church is a former Byzantine Catholic church in the Union-Miles Park neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. It featured Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles. The church closed in 1980 because of a declining congregation and was repurposed for another church before becoming abandoned in 2002. The building was removed in 2016.

Old Hickory
Residential / Pennsylvania

Old Hickory is circa 1880 Italianate residence in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. The house was later renovated into The Old Hickory, an inn and tavern. It is being lovingly restored after years of abandonment.

Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine and Beattyville Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky

The Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine & Beattyville Railroad (RNI&B, Riney-B) is a former railroad between Frankfort and Beattyville, Kentucky. In its original form, the RNI&B extended from Versailles and Irvine, Kentucky. It was acquired by another railroad in 1899 and extended to Beattyville and Airedale. Another acquisition extended the line west to Frankfort, giving the RNI&B a total of 110 miles.

Industrial Workspace
Industrial / West Virginia

The Fostoria Glass Company, a now-demolished glassware plant in Moundsville, West Virginia, produced fine quality blown stemware and glassware adorned with custom designs and government seals. At the company’s peak in the 1950s, it was producing over eight million pieces of glass annually and was the largest maker of handmade glassware in the nation.

Our Lady Help of Christians Church Sanctuary
Religious / Pennsylvania

Our Lady Help of Christians Church was an abandoned circa 1906 church in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was demolished in October 2019.

School House
Educational / Massachusetts

Cedar Hill State School is an abandoned mental institution in central Massachusetts. It was the first publicly supported institution for people with intellectual disabilities in the Western Hemisphere.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Medical / West Virginia

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, later known as Weston State Hospital, is a former mental hospital in Weston, West Virginia. Weston State Hospital was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1990.

Millard Field Building
Commercial / Kentucky

The Millard F. Field Building, located at Winchester Avenue and 17th Street in downtown Ashland, Kentucky, was home to the Field Department Store and Sears.

Uplands Deteriorated Interior Room
Residential / Maryland

Uplands is an abandoned 42-room Victorian-style mansion in Baltimore, Maryland. It was first used as a summer home for Mary Frick Garrett Jacobs and later renovated for the Uplands Home for Church Women. It then became a part of New Psalmist Baptist Church.

People’s Bank Vault
Commercial / Pennsylvania

The People’s Union Bank & Trust Company Building in McKeesport, Pennsylvania is the former home of the People’s Bank & Trust Company and professional offices.

Worcester Courthouse
Commercial / Massachusetts

After being vacant for a decade, the circa 1845 Worcester County Courthouse in Worcester, Massachusetts is being repurposed into apartments and a museum.

Ohio State Reformatory
Penitentiary / Ohio

The Ohio State Reformatory, best known for being the setting for the movie The Shawshank Redemption, is a historic circa 1896 prison north of Mansfield, Ohio. It was converted into a tourist attraction after closing in 1990.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church Sanctuary Ceiling Detail
Religious / Ohio

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish contains an abandoned church, school, and parish house in the Newburgh neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

Crowell-Collier Publishing Company
Industrial / Ohio

The printing operations for the Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, then the world’s largest magazine publishing house, was located on High Street in Springfield, Ohio.

Medfield State Hospital
Medical / Massachusetts

Castle Hill State Hospital is a closed asylum in central Massachusetts. Influenced by a traditional New England town common, Castle Hill opened in 1896 and remained in use until 2003. It was the Commonwealth’s first facility built specifically for long-term, high-need chronic patients.

O'Hara Waltham Dial Company
Industrial / Massachusetts

The O’Hara Waltham Dial Company is an abandoned clock face manufacturer in Waltham, Massachusetts. The building was later used to produce traffic signals, luggage, and canvases.

Ohio River Lock and Dam No. 32 Powerhouse
Transportation / Kentucky

Ohio River Lock No. 32 is a former Ohio River lock near Vanceburg, Kentucky, in use by the United States Army Corps of Engineers from 1922 to 1964.

Old Crow Distillery
Industrial / Kentucky

Old Crow Distillery is a former distillery in central Kentucky and produced Old Grand Dad, Bourbon DeLuxe, Sunny Brook and its namesake, Old Crow. The plant closed in 1987 as a result of a buy-out from competitor Jim Bean. The site today is partially reused as Glenns Creek Distilling.

Cooley Hotel
Commercial / Ohio

The Cooley Hotel is a never completed hotel in Newcomerstown, Ohio. It used as a showroom and repair shop for farm machinery, office and manufacturing space for a canvas product company, and as a museum.

Pilgrim Glass Company
Industrial / West Virginia

The Pilgrim Glass Company formerly operated a former hand-blown glass factory in Ceredo, West Virginia.

Proctor's Palace Theatre
Theatrical / New Jersey

Proctor’s Palace Theatre is an abandoned twin theatre, with seating for over 4,200, in downtown Newark, New Jersey.

Sanctuary with Stained Glass
Religious / Massachusetts

The Hoch Congregational Church is an abandoned Protestant church turned community service center in Massachusetts.

Tiffany Stained Glass Windows Over Pulpit Dai in Abandoned Philadelphia Church
Religious / Pennsylvania

The Curtis Memorial Presbyterian Church, later used for the Robinette Free Will Baptist Church, is an abandoned historic church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is notable for its unique Richardsonian Romanesque architecture and theatrical, auditorium-plan sanctuary.

Frenchburg Presbyterian College
Educational / Kentucky

The Frenchburg Presbyterian College is a former school and hospital operated by the United Presbyterian Church in Frenchburg, Kentucky. It was the only hospital between Lexington and Ashland for a period of time.

Mountain State Hospital Hallway
Medical / West Virginia

Mountain State Hospital is a now-demolished hospital that was at the corner of Virginia and Morris streets in Charleston, West Virginia.

Ruddles Mills School
Educational / Kentucky

The Ruddles Mill School is a former school in Ruddles Mill, Kentucky. It was dedicated on October 1, 1923, and closed in 1989.

Brimstone and New River Railroad
Railroad / Tennessee

The Brimstone & New River Railroad is an out-of-service railroad between the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway (CNO&TP) at New River southeast to Lone Mountain in Tennessee.

Union Station
Railroad / Indiana

A gallery of abandoned railroads, depots, supporting buildings, cars and locomotives in the United States.

Coster Repair Shops
Industrial / Tennessee

The Coster Repair Shops for the Southern Railway was constructed in 1895 in Knoxville, Tennessee. At its peak, it employed over 1,200.

Jewell Valley
Community / Virginia

Jewell Valley, Virginia is a former coal camp constructed by the Clinchfield Coal Company in the Buchanan coal field.

Cargill Superior Elevator
Industrial / New York

The Cargill Superior Elevator is an abandoned grain elevator along the Buffalo River in Buffalo, New York.

Louisville Cooperage
Industrial / Kentucky

The Louisville Industrial Park in Louisville, Kentucky consisted of the Atlantic Tank & Barrel Company and Tobacco By-Products & Chemical Corporation.

Alabaster, Michigan
Community / Michigan

Alabaster is a historic mining complex along the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan. It consists of an open-pit gypsum mine and the remains of processing buildings, shops, offices, houses, and outbuildings. It also contains an abandoned railroad and the remains of an elevated marine tramway that spans 1½ miles into Saginaw Bay.

Bigelow-Cooper Company
Industrial / Michigan

The Bigelow-Cooper Company is a former hardwood flooring manufacturer in Bay City, Michigan.

Jennison Power Station
Industrial / New York

Bennettsville Power Station is an abandoned coal power plant in New York, in operation between 1948 and 2000.

Abandoned Suspension Bridge
Bridge / West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned bridges in the United States.

Elk Creek Coal Company Preparation Plant
Industrial / West Virginia

The Elk Creek Coal Company Preparation Plant is a former coal preparation plant in Emmett, West Virginia.

Alpha Portland Cement Company
Industrial / Ohio

Alpha Portland Cement Company is a former cement manufacturing plant in Ironton, Ohio and was demolished circa 2010.

Man Miners Memorial Hospital Interior
Medical / West Virginia

The Man Miners Memorial Hospital is a now-demolished medical facility in Man, West Virginia. It was later the Man Appalachian Regional Hospital.

Paris Tuberculosis Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

Paris Tuberculosis Hospital is a former tuberculosis hospital that operated between 1950 and the 1970s in Paris, Kentucky.

John Graves Ford Memorial Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

John Graves Ford Memorial Hospital is a former medical center on West Main Street in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Spirella Company, Mount St. Mary’s Nursing Home
Industrial / New York

The Spirella Company manufactured corsets in Niagara Falls, New York. The factory was later renovated into a nursing home before relocating in 2003.

Otis Elevator Company, Curtiss-Wright
Industrial / New York

The Otis Elevator Company is a former factory along Northland Avenue in Buffalo, New York. The site was later reused by Curtiss-Wright to manufacture aircraft components.

Blue Horizon Boxing Ring
Recreational / Pennsylvania

Blue Horizon is a historic 1,346-seat former boxing venue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ring magazine voted it the number-one boxing venue in the world, and Sports Illustrated noted it as the last great boxing venue in the country. Blue Horizon has been featured in the films Rocky V and Annapolis.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Spur)
Railroad / Ohio

A branch of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad served the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (USEC) in Piketon, Ohio.

Universal Atlas Cement
Industrial / Pennsylvania

Universal Atlas Cement, a former division of United States Steel Corporation (USS), is a former cement plant in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. It closed in 1979.

Victoreen Instrument Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Victoreen Instrument Company is a former manufacturer of x-ray dosimeter equipment in Cleveland, Ohio. It was considered to be the “first nuclear company.”

Harvard Company and Weber Dental Manufacturing Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Harvard Company and Weber Dental Manufacturing Company are former dental furniture and equipment manufacturers in Canton, Ohio. It’s factory is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Picway Power Plant
Industrial / Ohio

The Picway Power Plant is a demolished American Electric Power coal power plant in Lockbourne, Ohio. It is misnamed after the county it resides in, Pickaway.

Oneida and Western Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky, Tennessee

The Oneida & Western Railroad is an abandoned rail line between Jamestown and Oneida, Tennessee. The line served vast pockets of virgin timber and coal mines before it was abandoned in 1954 after many years of financial troubles.

Silver Creek Junior-Senior High School Auditorium
Educational / New York

Walnut Creek School is an abandoned school in upstate New York.

Champion Paper
Industrial / Ohio

Champion Paper, which later became Champion International Paper, International Paper and then Smart Papers, is a former paper mill in Hamilton, Ohio. At its height, Champion Paper was part of “The Paper Valley,” aptly named due to the concentration of paper mills along the Great Miami River and the Miami & Erie Canal, with 30 separate mills operating in Crescentville, Port Union, Rialto, Hamilton, Woodsdale, Rockdale, Excello, Middletown, Franklin, Miamisburg, West Carrollton, and Dayton.

Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad
Railroad / Pennsylvania

The Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, also known as the Shawmut Line, is a partially abandoned railroad between Freeport Junction and Brockway, Pennsylvania. The P&S historically operated as an independent railroad that moved coal and other aggregates in west-central Pennsylvania.

St. Ann's School
Educational / New York

St. Ann’s School is an abandoned 500-room college preparatory academy and military school in New York. It operated from 1889 until 1991 when financial considerations forced it to close.

Century III Mall
Commercial / Pennsylvania

Named after the United State’s 1976 bicentennial, Century III Mall is an abandoned shopping center in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. It was the third-largest enclosed mall in the world at 1.6 million square feet at the time of its completion in 1979.

Belvedere Hotel
Commercial / Pennsylvania

The Hotel Belvedere was an abandoned 28-room hotel in Apollo, Pennsylvania. The inn was constructed in 1905 by Joseph Giannini and later became an apartment building before being mostly abandoned in the 1970s. It burned on July 23, 2019.

Jamestown & Franklin Railroad
Railroad / Ohio, Pennsylvania

The Jamestown & Franklin Railroad is an abandoned railroad between Jamestown and Oil City, Pennsylvania. It included a branch to Ashtabula, Ohio.

Harding-Jones Paper Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Harding-Jones Paper Company is a former paper mill in Excello, Ohio. A significant, early example of Ohio industry, the mill was mostly owned by the Harding and Jones families for most of its operation. The mill, adjacent to the first lock completed on the Miami-Erie Canal, also includes two residences, a carriage house, and a canal lock.

Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad
Railroad / New York

The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad is a heritage railroad that operates between Cooperstown Junction and Milford, New York. Significant portions of the line are either abandoned or out-of-service.

Mountain Drive-In Theater
Theatrical / New York

Mountain Drive-In Theater is an abandoned drive-in theater between Liberty and Loch Sheldrake New York.

Ohio Edison (Springfield, Ohio)
Industrial / Ohio

The Mad River Power Plant is a demolished Ohio Edison coal power plant along the Mad River in Springfield, Ohio.

Lake Shore Electric Railway
Railroad / Ohio

The Lake Shore Electric Railway is a former interurban railway between Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio. Several LSE cars are abandoned in a rural farm field.

Railroad / Ohio

The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway (W&LE) is a Class I railroad that operates mostly within Ohio, and consists of several abandoned or disused branches. Throughout its long history, the W&LE has been a part of the Nickel Plate, Norfolk & Western and Norfolk Southern. In 1989, the original W&LE was dissolved as a corporate entity only to be renewed as the W&LE in 1990 by a group of investors, acquiring most of the original W&LE routes from Norfolk Southern.

West Virginia Motor Speedway
Recreational / West Virginia

West Virginia Motor Speedway, an abandoned dirt oval racetrack in north-central West Virginia, closed in 2013.

Emery Theatre
Theatrical / Ohio

The Emery Theatre is a closed theater that adjoins the former Ohio Mechanics Institute in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Madison, Indianapolis & Lafayette Railroad
Railroad / Indiana

The Madison, Indianapolis & Lafayette Railroad connected Madison to Indianapolis, Indiana. It was the state’s first railroad.

Brookes Building
Commercial / Ohio

The circa 1898 Brookes Building was located at the southwest corner of 5th and Market Street in downtown East Liverpool, Ohio. It was razed in 2016 for a new apartment complex.

St. Peter and Paul Church Sanctuary
Religious / Pennsylvania

St. Peter and Paul Church is a former Roman Catholic church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The parish was active from 1860 to 1992.

Pickens, West Virginia
Transportation / West Virginia

The 49-mile Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Pickens Branch connected Weston to Pickens, West Virginia.

Littleton, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Littleton is a former town in Wetzel County, West Virginia and has the distinction of having the lowest per capita income in the state at $6,036 – one of the lowest in the United States. Over half of the population of 198 are below the poverty line.

Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky

The Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans Railroad Paducah-East Cairo is a former railroad between Paducah and East Cairo, Kentucky. The company operated from 1878, a product of a merger between the New Orleans, Jackson & Northern Railroad and the Central Mississippi Railroad, until 1951 when it was merged into the Illinois Central Railroad and operated as a subsidiary.

New River, Holston and Western Railroad
Railroad / Virginia

The New River, Holston and Western Railroad is a former railroad between the Norfolk & Western Railway in Narrows to Suiter, Virginia. The 43-mile line followed Wolf Creek or its tributaries for its entire length.

Sue Bennett College
Educational / Kentucky

Sue Bennett College, a former private college that operated between 1897 and 1997, was located in London, Kentucky. Affiliated with the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, the national organization of the United Methodist Church, it began as an elementary school before becoming a two-year college.

Ohio and Kentucky Railway
Railroad / Kentucky

The Ohio & Kentucky Railway connected the Lexington & Eastern Railway near Jackson to Cannel City, Kentucky.

City Mills
Industrial / Ohio

City Mills served as a warehouse for the Sandusky & Mansfield Railroad and then as a mill for City Mills and Gilbert, Waugh & Co. in Mansfield, Ohio.

Educational / Kentucky

Broadway School is a former public school along Broadway in Hazard, Kentucky.

Booneville Theater
Theatrical / Kentucky, Ohio

A gallery of abandoned theaters in the United States.

Spirit House
Residential / New York

The Spirit House is a historic circa 1865 residence and meeting hall in New York. The uniquely designed building was used by those involved in the Spiritualist Movement.

Dayton Arcade
Commercial / Ohio

The Dayton Arcade is a historic collection of five inner-connecting buildings in downtown Dayton, Ohio with a glass-domed rotunda as its centerpiece. It is in the process of being restored and reopened.

Chesapeake Western Railway
Railroad / Virginia

The Chesapeake Western Railway is an abandoned railroad between Stokesville, Harrisonburg, and Elkton, Virginia. Despite its early potential as a through route between Cincinnati and Washington D.C., and later as a feeder to the coal mines in West Virginia, the railroad never lived up to its potential.

Loomis Tuberculosis Hospital
Medical / New York

The Loomis Tuberculosis Hospital, also known as the Loomis Memorial Sanitarium for Consumptives, was an abandoned hospital near Liberty, New York.

Paddy's Run Power Plant
Industrial / Kentucky

Paddy’s Run Power Station is a demolished coal-fired power plant by the Louisville Gas & Electric Corporation in Louisville, Kentucky.

Big Four Railroad Depot (Springfield, Ohio)
Railroad / Ohio

The Big Four Railroad Depot is a former railroad depot for the Big Four Railroad in Springfield, Ohio. It was demolished in 1969.

East Hills Mall
Commercial / West Virginia

East Hills Mall opened in 1973 along US Route 60 near Huntington, West Virginia. It has since been redeveloped as the East Hills Professional Center, an office park.

Louisville Varnish Company Melting Furnaces
Industrial / Kentucky

The Louisville Varnish Company is an abandoned cabinet varnish factory in Louisville, Kentucky.

Industrial / Ohio

Plibricore Refractories is a former fire brick factory in Oak Hill, Ohio.

Peter's Cartridge Company
Industrial / Ohio

Peter’s Cartridge Company is a closed smokeless ordnance and shotshell ammunition factory in Kings Mill, Ohio. The 71-acre site produced artillery between 1887 and 1944.

Shadyside Village, Pennsylvania
Community / Pennsylvania

Shadyside Village, better known as Yellow Dog, is a mostly vacant community along Buffalo Creek in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. As of 1987, the village boasted 148 residents, 35 dogs, and “innumerable” number of cats.

Commercial / Ohio

The Charles Schroer Mortuary is a former mortuary and funeral home in Mansfield, Ohio. The building has since been rehabilitated for the Phoenix Brewing Company.

Commercial / Ohio

The Mansfield Savings Bank is a former financial institution at the corner of West Fourth and North Main streets in downtown Mansfield, Ohio that operated between 1914 and the early 1980s.

St. Joseph Riverside Hospital
Medical / Ohio

St. Joseph Riverside Hospital is an abandoned medical center in Warren, Ohio. It closed in 1996 after a merger.

Industrial / Ohio

The Toronto Power Plant is a former coal combustion plant along the Ohio River in Toronto, Ohio. It consisted of seven generating units that were put into operation between 1925 and the 1940s.

New Boston Coke Corporation
Industrial / Ohio

New Boston Coke was a former component of the Portsmouth Steel complex in New Boston, Ohio. Due to foreign competition and outdated technology, the integrated mill was closed in 1980 while the coke plant remained in operation until 2002.

Manley House
Residential / New York

The Manley House is an abandoned Italianate style residence in Richfield Springs, New York. It was constructed circa 1850 by Dr. Hoarce Manley, a physician, graduate of Fairfield Medical College, and surgeon-major in the War of 1812.

Bluestone School
Educational / West Virginia

Bluestone School is a former circa 1948 elementary and high school for black students in Bramwell, West Virginia. After the local school district had integrated students into all of its schools by the early 1960s, Bluestone was reused for elementary school students.

Industrial / Ohio

The Superior Portland Cement Company is a former cement manufacturing plant along the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad in Superior, Ohio.

Pickens, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Pickens, West Virginia was founded in the 1890s as a lumber and coal mining community.

Utica School
Educational / Indiana

The Utica School is a former school in Utica, Indiana, and was constructed in 1873 as the First District School in Utica Township.

St. Boniface Catholic Church
Religious / Illinois

St. Boniface Catholic Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic church in Chicago, Illinois. It was constructed between 1902-04 and closed in 1990. The property is proposed to be converted into residential units and a music school.

Lee Clay Products
Industrial / Kentucky

Lee Clay Products, a former brick factory in Clearfield, Kentucky, was in operation until 1970.

Religious / Pennsylvania

The abandoned Church of the United Brethren in Christ building is located in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Community / Maryland

Wilson, Maryland, along the North Branch Potomac River and West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway, was developed around the timber industry.

Kempton, Maryland
Community / Maryland

Kempton, Maryland is a former company town along the North Branch Potomac River and West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway.

Columbiana County Infirmary
Medical / Ohio

The Columbiana County Infirmary, for the aged and disabled indigent, was located in Columbiana County, Ohio.

Grand Theatre
Theatrical / Kentucky

The Grand Theatre, located on St. Clair Street in downtown Frankfort, Kentucky, opened in 1911, closed in 1966, and reopened in 2016.

Wheeler-Knight House
Residential / Pennsylvania

The historic Wheeler-Knight House is an abandoned residence along the National Pike in Centerville, Pennsylvania.

Residential / Kentucky

Waveland, located in Danville, Kentucky, was constructed between 1797 and 1800 by Willis Green.

Community / West Virginia

Henry, West Virginia is a former company town constructed by the Henry Brothers Coal & Coke Company, a subsidiary of the Davis Coal & Coke Company.

Byesville Scenic Railway
Railroad / Ohio

The Cleveland & Marietta Railway (C&M) is a former railroad between Marietta and Dover and the Harmer Connection in southeast Ohio.

Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railroad
Railroad / Ohio, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, commonly referred to as the Panhandle Route, was part of the Pennsylvania Railroad system that connected Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Bradford, Ohio where the line split into routes to Chicago, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, and East St. Louis, Illinois.

Barnesville Tunnel
Railroad / Ohio

The Central Ohio Railway is a former railroad that connected Columbus to Bellaire, Ohio at the Ohio River. The line played an integral role in the development of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O), especially after a bridge was completed over the Ohio River that enabled eastern markets to connect with Chicago and the Midwest. A railroad was first conceived between Wheeling, West Virginia and the Midwest in the mid-19th century as an efficient manner in transporting freight and passengers from the east coast west into Ohio and ultimately Chicago.

Wheeling Terminal Railway Wheeling Creek Bridge
Railroad / West Virginia

The Wheeling Terminal Railway (WT) is a former 9½ mile railroad between Martins Ferry, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia.

Reymann Brewing Company
Industrial / West Virginia

Reymann Brewery is an abandoned brewery in Wheeling, West Virginia. The city was once known as the “Beer Belly” of the state for its 130 taverns and robust German community.

Memorial Hall
Fraternal / Ohio

Memorial Hall is a former library, city hall and jail at Railroad and North 4th streets in Ironton, Ohio. It was mostly demolished in 2014.

B&O in Benwood
Railroad / West Virginia

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) Fairmont Subdivision was once the B&O’s mainline between Cumberland, Maryland and Wheeling, West Virginia. The segment from Fairmont to Wheeling was essentially abandoned in 1956.

Railroad / Ohio

The Hocking Valley Railway is a former railroad in Ohio, with a mainline that stretched from Toledo to Pomeroy via Athens and Columbus. It featured the Monday Creek and Snow branches as significant feeders and the Wellston & Jackson Belt Railway.

Theatrical / Ohio

The Ro-Na Theater, located along South Third Street in downtown Ironton, Ohio, opened in 1949 and was billed as southern Ohio’s “finest theater.”

The Medical Center at Scottsville
Medical / Kentucky

The Medical Center at Scottsville, a former hospital in Scottsville, Kentucky, opened as the Allen County War Memorial Hospital in July 1952.

Coketon, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Coketon, West Virginia is the former central mining and coking facility of the Davis Coal & Coke Company.

Abandoned House in Kentucky
Residential / Kentucky

The Burton Pike residence, constructed prior to the American Civil War, is located along Burton Pike in Scott County, Kentucky. The four bay-wide house features pegged windows, a Greek Revival era porch, built-in bookcases, recessed windows and separate staircases to unconnected second-story rooms.

Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Hospital is a former tuberculosis hospital that operated between 1910 and 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky. It reopened as the Woodhaven Geriatrics Center between 1963 and 1981.

Community / West Virginia

Douglas, West Virginia is a former company town of Cumberland Coal & Coke Company.

Flemingsburg and Northern Railroad
Railroad / Kentucky

The Flemingsburg & Northern Railroad was a standard-gauge railroad from the Louisville & Nashville line at Flemingsburg Junction to Hillsboro, Kentucky. It was financially plagued and reorganized on seven different occasions before being abandoned in 1955.

Monitor School
Educational / Ohio

Monitor School is a former school in Coal Grove, Ohio that operated between 1905 and 1995.

Fisher-Byington House
Residential / Kentucky

The Fisher-Byington House is a former antebellum residence in Danville, Kentucky, constructed by Robert Russell, Jr. circa 1845. It was named after two of its more prominent residents.

Ohio River Lock No. 34
Transportation / Ohio

Ohio River Lock & Dam No. 34 is a former Ohio River lock and wicket dam in Chilo, Ohio, in use between 1925 to 1964.

Vernon Manor
Commercial / Ohio

The Vernon Manor is a former hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio that had a reputation for being “the place to stay” for traveling musicians. It has since been renovated into offices for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Railway (CL&N) is a former railroad that connected Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

Brookfield Air Force Station
Industrial / Ohio

Brookfield Air Force Station is a closed United States Air Force General Surveillance Radar station near Brookfield, Ohio.

Religious / Ohio

St. Andrew Catholic Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic church that served the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio from 1875 and 2010.

Community / West Virginia

Prince, West Virginia is a small community that is best known for its Art Moderne passenger depot for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

Cincinnati, Georgetown and Portsmouth Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth Railroad (CG&P) is an abandoned railroad between Cincinnati and Russellville, Ohio. It was intended to extend as far east as Portsmouth.

Lafayette Building
Commercial / Michigan

The Lafayette Building is a former commercial high-rise bordered by West Lafayette Boulevard, Michigan Avenue, and Shelby Street in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The Lafayette was erected in 1923-24, closed in 1997 and demolished in 2009-10.

Cincinnati Street Connecting Railway
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati Street Connecting Railway (CSC) is a former 2½-mile railroad that connected the Indianapolis & Cincinnati and Little Miami in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Carlyle Labold Tile and Brick Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Carlyle Labold Tile and Brick Company is a former tile and brick factory in Petersburg (Coal Grove), Ohio.

Elkmont Tennessee
Community / Tennessee

Elkmont, Tennessee was a pioneer Appalachian community, a logging town, and resort in the Little River valley in Tennessee.

Kanawha Hotel
Commercial / West Virginia

The Hotel Kanawha served as Charleston, West Virginia’s premier hotel between 1903 and 1965. It served as the state headquarters of John F. Kennedy’s 1960 primary campaign and was later used from the 1960s to 1997 as the site of the state’s Job Corps. Post-closure, the Hotel Kanawha was slated to be restored into a boutique hotel but financing for the plan collapsed and it was demolished.

Cincinnati & Westwood Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati & Westwood Railroad is a former suburban railway from the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad to Westwood, then a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. It carried very little traffic from its inception to its closure in 1941.

Metro General Hospital
Medical / Tennessee

Metro General Hospital is a former medical center that closed in 1998 in Nashville, Tennessee. The former hospital site has since been redeveloped into the Rolling Hill Mill development.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Religious / West Virginia

Holy Rosary Catholic Church is a former Roman Catholic church in Clarksburg, West Virginia that was established in 1906 for the growing Slovak community.

Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad connected the cities of Morrow, Wilmington, Washington Court House, Circleville, Zanesville and Trinway in Ohio.

Hillside Nursing Home
Medical / Ohio

Hillside Nursing Home is a now demolished 67-bed nursing home complex in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Community / West Virginia

Gary, West Virginia is a former company town in McDowell County and was named after U.S. Steel Chairman Judge Elbert Gary. Elbert, Filbert, Ream, Thorpe, and Wilcoe were satellite coal camps around Gary, and for decades, the town held the distinction of having one of the largest preparation plants in the world.

Tewksbury Hospital
Medical / Massachusetts

Tewksbury Hospital is an active 350-bed mental institution in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. It is also home to eight residential substance abuse programs, several non-profit and for-profit private entities, and the Public Health Museum. Originally known as the Tewksbury Almshouse, it was renamed to Tewksbury State Hospital in 1900, to Tewksbury State Infirmary in 1909, to Tewksbury State Hospital and Infirmary in 1939, and finally to Tewksbury Hospital in 1959.

Bellaire Interstate Toll Bridge

The Bellaire Interstate Toll Bridge is a closed roadway crossing of the Ohio River between Benwood, West Virginia and Bellaire, Ohio.

South Fork Grassy Creek Bridge
Bridge / Kentucky

The South Fork Grassy Creek Bridge formerly carried KY Route 1657 over South Fork Grassy Creek in Pendleton County, Kentucky. The Pratt through truss was closed to traffic in 1964.

Transportation / Kentucky

Ohio River Lock No. 31 is a former Ohio River lock near Kirkville, Kentucky, in use by the United States Army Corps of Engineers from 1917 to 1964.

Barboursville Clay Manufacturing Company
Industrial / West Virginia

The Barboursville Clay Manufacturing Company is a former brick factory that operated from 1904 to 1979 in Barboursville, West Virginia.

Gamble House
Residential / Ohio

The Gamble House is a demolished residence at 2918 Werk Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the home of James Norris Gamble, an inventor, humanitarian, and son of Proctor & Gamble’s co-founder.

Dorrance Colliery Fan Complex
Industrial / Pennsylvania

The Dorrance Colliery is an abandoned colliery that was operated by the Lehigh Valley Coal Company between 1880 and 1959.

Bowling Alley
Medical / New York

Webatuck State School is a partially closed state institution for the developmentally disabled in New York. It was one of six state residential schools operated by the Department of Mental Hygiene, offering full medical care, training, and education for its residents. The goal of the state school was assisting mentally disabled children in attaining the highest possible level of self-sufficiency to be able to live outside of an institution.

Congregation Shaare Zedek Synagogue
Religious / New York

The circa 1964 Beth-El Synagogue was home to a shuttered Jewish Orthodox congregation on Long Island in New York.

Rogers Park Mausoleum
Religious / Rhode Island

Spring Grove Mausoleum is an abandoned mausoleum in Rhode Island.

Stone Clove Boarding House
Residential / New York

The Stone Clove Boarding House is an abandoned tourist boarding house in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Garred House
Residential / Kentucky

The Garred House, known as “the most commodious stone house in the Sandy Valley,” is a demolished historic residence south of Louisa, Kentucky. The residence, along with a burial vault and chapel, were listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Portsmouth Brewing and Ice Company
Industrial / Ohio

The Portsmouth Brewing and Ice Company was home to the circa 1842 Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth, Ohio’s first commercial brewery.

Kings Park State Hospital
Medical / Pennsylvania

A gallery of abandoned hospitals in the United States.

Eastern State Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

Eastern State Hospital, the second oldest continuously operating psychiatric facility in the United States, and the first west of the Allegheny Mountains, is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Westborough State Hospital
Medical / Massachusetts

Westborough State Hospital is an abandoned state mental institution in Massachusetts. Regarded as the second homoeopathic state hospital in the nation, the campus was impacted by the effects of deinstitutionalisation in the latter half of the 20th century and abandoned in 2010. Westborough was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

Clyffside Brewing Company
Industrial / Ohio

Clyffside Brewing Company is a former brewery on West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio. It began in 1933 when Paul Esselborn, who was educated at the Royal Bavarian School of Brewing in Germany, organized the company in former Mohawk Brewery buildings. The company’s signature selections included Felsenbrau beer and Old Hickory Ale that was “aged in the hills.” Sans Prohibition, beer was brewed on the site for 111 years, the longest of any brewery in the city.

Kauffman Brewing Company
Industrial / Ohio

The John Kauffman Brewing Company, a defunct brewery at 1622 Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio, was known for its Gilt Edge, Columbia, and Old Lager beers.

Schmidt Brothers Brewery
Industrial / Ohio

Schmidt Brothers Brewery is a defunct brewery at 135 and 138 East McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Eagle Avenue Bridge
Bridge / Ohio

Eagle Avenue Bridge is an abandoned vertical lift Pennsylvania through truss crossing that carried Eagle Avenue over the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio.

Henderson Union Station
Railroad / Kentucky

The Henderson Union Station is an abandoned passenger station built for the Louisville & Nashville (L&N) and Illinois Central (IC) railroads in Henderson, Kentucky.

Beechmont Mall
Commercial / Ohio

Beechmont Mall was enclosed shopping center near Cincinnati, Ohio. It was constructed in 1969, demolished in 2003, and replaced with Anderson Towne Center.

Lattice Bridge
Bridge / New York

The Lattice Bridge is a closed Whipple through truss bridge on Lattice Bridge Road over the Genesee River in Allegany County, New York.

Good Shepherd Memorial Park Mausoleum
Religious / Pennsylvania

Good Faith Cemetery is an abandoned graveyard in Pennsylvania. Outfitted with a reinforced concrete mausoleum adorned with granite and Italian marble, it was all but abandoned in 2003 and condemned in 2015 because of absentee owners and a lack of maintenance.

Buchanan Fuel Krypton Tipple
Industrial / Kentucky

The Buchanan Fuel Krypton Tipple is a demolished coal tipple near a small surface coal mine in Kyrpton, Kentucky.

M.C. Napier High School
Educational / Kentucky

M.C. Napier High School is a former high school along the banks of the North Fork Kentucky River in Hazard, Kentucky. The school was named after M.C. Napier who played for the Hazard Navajos from 1969 to 1973.

Industrial / Kentucky

The D.L. Moore Distillery is a former bourbon distillery near Burgin, Kentucky. It was founded in 1873 by Daniel Lawson Moore.

Book-Cadillac Hotel
Commercial / Michigan

The Book Cadillac Hotel, named after a French fur trader, is a restored hotel in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Completed in December 1924, the Book Cadillac declined in the 1960s after violent race riots swept the city. It was abandoned in 1984 but restored in 2007-08 to become the Westin Book-Cadillac Detroit.

Warren County Orphan Asylum and Children's Home
Residential / Ohio

The Warren County Orphan Asylum and Children’s Home, later known as the Mary Haven Home for Boys, was located along Shakertown Pike near Lebanon, Ohio.

Detroit House of Correction
Penitentiary / Michigan

The Detroit House of Correction, also referred to as DeHoCo, was a former penitentiary complex near Detroit, Michigan. Originally located in the city of Detroit, it was relocated to Plymouth and Northville townships between 1920 and 1931. DeHoCo closed in 2009 for budgetary reasons and was demolished in 2016.

Friars Club Mural by Lumen Martin Winter
Fraternal / Ohio

The Friars Club is a non-profit social service organization in Cincinnati, Ohio that is dedicated to serving at-risk and disadvantaged children through organized sports, activity, nutrition and fitness. It once operated a facility in the CUF neighborhood.

American Viscose Company
Industrial / Pennsylvania

The American Viscose Company, whose main plant was located in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, was the first to manufacture artificial silk, rayon, in the United States. The Marcus Hook plant made rayon between 1910 and 1954, and cellophane film between 1958 and 1977.

Denmar Sanitarium
Penitentiary / West Virginia

Denmar Sanitarium is a repurposed tuberculosis hospital for African-Americans in Denmar, West Virginia. It became the Denmar State Hospital in 1957 and closed in 1990. It reopened in 1993 as a state prison.

St. Stephen Magyar Church
Religious / Pennsylvania

St. Stephen Magyar Church is an abandoned Roman Catholic church located in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. It was the first Hungarian Roman Catholic Church in the state and only the fifth constructed in the United States at the time of its completion in 1901.

Oneil Road Bridge
Bridge / New York

Oneil Road Bridge is a closed circa 1913 Baltimore through truss over the Seneca River on Oneil Road in Cayuga County, New York.

Town Line Bridge
Bridge / New York

Town Line Bridge is an endangered Lenticular through truss over the Otselic River on Town Line Road in Cortland County, New York. It is one of 13 extant examples of its type remaining in the state.

Bridge / New York

The Caneadea Bridge is a closed bridge that carried East Hill Road over the Genesee River in Caneadea, New York. The historic crossing was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998 for its significance as it was the oldest and longest of two surviving camelback through trusses in the state.

Lee Plaza
Residential / Michigan

Lee Plaza is an abandoned Art Deco styled luxury apartment building in Detroit, Michigan. It is listed as a State Historic Site and is on the National Register of Historic Places. During its heyday, the complex was known for its catchphrase: “You will never miss your home when you stay at the Lee Plaza.”

Ashland Tuberculosis Hospital
Medical / Kentucky

The Ashland Tuberculosis Hospital in Ashland, Kentucky was a tuberculosis medical facility for the northeast part of the state.

Nevele Resort
Commercial / New York

The Minnewaska Resort and Country Club is a former resort in the Borscht Belt of the Catskill Mountains of New York that was in operation from 1903 to 2009.

Eagles Lodge 336
Fraternal / Ohio

Eagles Lodge No. 336 is a former Mansfield Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge at 129 North Main Street in downtown Mansfield, Ohio.

Hudson River State Hospital
Medical / New York

Hudson River State Hospital is an abandoned mental institution in Poughkeepsie, New York, and was the first state hospital for the insane located on land received, by gift, from the citizens of the county. The site is being redeveloped into a mixed-use commercial, medical, and residential development.

Early & Daniel
Industrial / Ohio

Early & Daniel is an abandoned and partly demolished grain silo complex along Beekman Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Waldo Hotel
Commercial / West Virginia

Waldo Hotel is a defunct hotel in downtown Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Parkland School
Educational / Kentucky

Parkland School is a formerly abandoned school in the Parkland neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. It was renovated to house Family Scholar House, a non-profit organization that provides housing and support services for single-parent college students and their families.

Parkway Center Mall
Commercial / Pennsylvania

Parkway Center Mall was an enclosed shopping center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It opened in 1982, closed in 2013, and mostly demolished in 2016.

Monsour Medical Center
Medical / Pennsylvania

Monsour Medical Center is a now-demolished hospital in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Monsour was founded in 1952 by Howard, Roy, Robert and William Monsour as a roadside clinic in “Senator Brown’s Mansion” but was beset by years of controversy.

Jeannette Glass
Industrial / Pennsylvania

The Jeannette Glass Company is a former glass factory in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

St. Paul’s Church
Religious / New York

St. Peter’s Church is an abandoned and endangered Roman Catholic church in the Capitol Region of New York. The Parish was the third oldest in the state.

East Nassau Hebrew Synagogue
Religious / New York

The East Nassau Hebrew Synagogue is an abandoned Hebrew congregation in New York. It was founded in 1956 by Rabbi Morris Appleman and was the first Orthodox Shul in the region.

Spring Glen Resort
Commercial / New York

The Spring Glen Resort is an abandoned resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York, operating from 1920 to 2007.

Commercial / New York

Millcom, a communication, consulting, and publishing firm located on the side of Prospect Mountain in New York, included a “floating” three-building complex that featured a koi pond with waterfalls and fountains, and spacious outdoor decks.

Creedmoor State Hospital
Medical / New York

Sutton State Hospital is a partially abandoned state institution in New York. Portions of the complex continue to operate as the Sutton Psychiatric Center.

Rockland State Hospital
Medical / New York

Rockland State Hospital is a partly abandoned and demolished state hospital in New York. Portions of the complex continue to operate as the Rockland Psychiatric Center. Additionally, the Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center was used in the filming of Orange is the New Black television series.

Syracuse State School Lobby
Medical / New York

The Syracuse State School is a former residential facility for the mentally disabled in New York.

Residential / New York

Tioronda is an opulent mansion turned specialty mental hospital in New York.

Penn-McKee Hotel
Commercial / Pennsylvania

The Penn-McKee Hotel is a former hotel in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. It is best known as hosting a debate between two future presidents, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, in 1947.

Union Station
Railroad / Pennsylvania

Union Station is an abandoned train station and office building that was used by the Monongahela Railway in downtown Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

Brownsville General Hospital
Medical / Pennsylvania

Brownsville General Hospital is a long-abandoned hospital in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. After its closure in 1965, the buildings were reused for the Brownsville Golden Age Nursing Home until 1985.

Commercial / New York

A long-vacant pharmacy with upper-level apartments is located in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Gladstone School
Educational / Pennsylvania

Gladstone School is an abandoned school in the Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Recreation Farm Society
Commercial / New York

The Recreation Farm Society, later called The Meadows, is an abandoned convalescent home in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Church of the Holy Innocents
Religious / New York

The Church of the Holy Innocents is an abandoned, historic Episcopal church near the Arbor Hill neighborhood in Albany, New York.

Cincinnati, Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad
Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati, Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad, later owned by the Ohio Southern, is a defunct railway between Sedalia and Kingman via Jeffersonville, Ohio. It was once proposed as a connection between Columbus and Cincinnati generally along what is now the Interstate 71 corridor.