Sulphur Springs United Baptist Church

The Sulphur Springs United Baptist Church is an abandoned church in Kentucky.

The Sulphur Springs United Baptist Church, named for a sulfur water spring nearby, was organized in 1891 and later became the Unity Baptist Church. 1 4 When the United Baptists were not using the building, other denominations were allowed to hold services there. 4 The church had a worship space on the first floor and housed Lodge 626 of the Free and Accepted Masons on the second floor. 2 3

Lodge 626 was founded in 1885 when the Grand Lodge of Kentucky granted a charter to Doc Woods, Master, Watson Kitchen, Senior Warden, and A. J. Pennington, Junior Warden. 3 The Lodge, formed by members of the Jake Rice Lodge in Blaine. Initially, it had 12 members and held meetings on or before the full moon. By 1952, the lodge had relocated to a larger space in a nearby community, which boasted 130 members.

In 1928, the first high school for the community was established in the Lodge space, with the downstairs area used as needed. 2 It accommodated 70 students. The following year, high school enrollment increased, and students were taught both in the church building and an old nearby building. In 1930, students were moved to an old feed store that contained three rooms and a library.

During 1934-35, while the Works Progress Administration was building a new high school, students moved into the old train depot for three classes, with one class held in the Masonic Lodge hall. 2 The church was used for overflow as before. The new school opened in 1936.

The church later became the Community Church 1 and held services until circa 1992.



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