Longman Hotel

Commercial / Pennsylvania

The Longman Hotel is an abandoned hotel in western Pennsylvania. The 28-room inn was constructed in 1905 by Joseph Giannini and mostly abandoned in the 1970’s.

The actual name of the location has been modified to protect the location as much as possible from vandalism.

The Longman Hotel was constructed by Joseph Giannini 2 with 28 rooms spread across four-stories in 1905. 1 3 Each guest room had oak fireplaces with mirrors. The first floor boasted a bar, which became an ice cream parlour during Prohibition. After Prohibition was repealed, it became a candy store and then The Tin Hut, a bar. 3 The hotel later became known as Giannini’s with the hotel rooms converted into apartments when Modesto Giannini took over operations in 1940

In 1979, Lanna Planitzer and her boyfriend, Jon Humphrey, purchased the Longman hotel, desiring to own an old-style bar and a historical landmark. 1 Planitzer made a $10,000 down payment on the hotel, which had a sale price of $24,000, and paid $1,000 to get the $10,000 liquor license out of escrow. But the couple split and it was not until 1983 that Planitzer was able to reclaim ownership of the Longman but by that point, the upper floor guest rooms had become uninhabitable due to leaking pipes. Additionally, public health inspectors required improvements for the coal furnaces, and upgrades to the kitchen, bar area, and electrical bottle-cooling system.


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