About Those Abandoned Ferris Wheels (and Titan Rocket) in Tennessee

Positioned prominently along Interstate 75 in Campbell County, Tennessee, two rusting Ferris wheels and a replica Titan rocket continue to draw the attention of drivers passing by.

Situated prominently along Interstate 75 in northern Tennessee, two weathered Ferris wheels and a replica of a Titan rocket continue to capture the gaze of travelers. These structures were originally erected as part of Patriotic Palace, a store specializing in fireworks and souvenirs, located adjacent to a truck stop. Directly across the interstate, another Ferris wheel, known for its luminous nighttime display, served as an advertisement for a nearby fairground.

Established in 2008, Patriotic Palace was a local landmark until it tragically succumbed to a fire on July 6, 2014. In the aftermath of the fire, the site has largely been left deserted, with the remnants of its once iconic attractions standing as solitary witnesses to its past vibrancy.


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There was once an amusement park on the east side of I-75 north of Jacksboro TN, called Coal Town USA. It is still visible on Google Earth even though it is now an explosives plant and posted as “No Trespassing – Federal Prosecution”. If you look closely, you can see where the Kings Island sized train went through a tunnel under the west end of the parking lot.

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