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Another Fire at Parker Tobacco

Suspicious fires at Parker Tobacco Company in Maysville, Kentucky are claiming the abandoned building.

A disused warehouse on Elizabeth Street in Maysville, Kentucky caught fire November 6 and resurfaced two days later that totaled the large two-story structure. Portions of the building collapsed onto the adjoining CSX Transportation railroad. The fire, reportedly having started in the basement, is being labeled as “suspicious.”

This is similar to the fires of 2008, where numerous warehouses either caught fire or were vandalized. One of the causalities of this was Parker Tobacco Company, where the center industrial processing lines were consumed in a three-alarm fire.

It was something, watching from the top of Hayswood Hospital and noting a huge plume of dark gray smoke billowing from the general location of Parker Tobacco. I assumed that at first that Parker had caught fire again, but it was a warehouse further east.

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