Biking the former Hocking Valley Railway

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to bike the former Hocking Valley Railroad River Division (HV) near Gallipolis, Ohio. The Gallia County Hike and Bike Trail was completed from Logan to Gallipolis in October 1880 for the HV. The tracks were abandoned in 1992 and dismantled a year later.

The rail-to-trail ends near the US 35 freeway, but continues again from Kerr to Bidwell.

These are further north past Minerton and were taken during the winter, but show the excellent condition of the right-of-way and tunnels that would make for an ideal rail-to-trail.


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A question and a bit of info.
At Kerr, the factory… was a Sand and Gravel pit and they shipped sand and gravel out of the area by the RR.

Question… just exactly where is this bridge that is the Chickamauga Creek Crossing… I take that it is on the bike path… the
only thing I can think of it that is the old train trestle… the track would have run parallel to the Highway, now called St Rt. #160
or the old Rt. #35.

Also where is the Eagle tunnel


Fantastic report Sherman. I stumbled upon the Campbell tunnel last weekend so I started researching what railroad it would have been a part of and came upon this website. I'm curious if you went into the tunnel at all and where does it pop out? I have been looking on Google maps and my topo map but honestly can't figure out where it ends. I'm thinking I may have to take the bike there this winter and ride the trail as the brush is really thick right now.

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