When I attended the University of Kentucky, I traveled the back roads of my state – a lot. On one of my excursions, I came across the abandoned Buckeye School. Back then, its lot was filled with relics of the past, namely automobiles. Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover and Volkswagen carcasses lay scattered around the several acre lot. But I never went inside the actual school, and despite my vows to find the owner of the property – I graduated from school and moved away.

Now, nearly six years after I left, I decided to try my luck again en route to a wedding.

Buckeye School was built in 1919 and closed in 1964 when the Garrard County school district was formed. Afterwards, it was used as a residence and then storage.

The original portion of the school was in fine condition, although a hole in the roof was starting to cause some interior weakness. The additions and the gymnasium had all but collapsed.

Perhaps one day, the Buckeye School can find some reuse. The owner I spoke to has high hopes of saving the original portion of the school, which is now one-hundred years old. But unless the leaks are taken care of in short order, there may not be much to save or even salvage.