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Abandoned Residences in New York

This is a gallery of abandoned residences in New York.

Artist’s House

Buttolph House

The Buttolph House was constructed by the Buttolph family circa 1770 in Dutchess County, New York. 2 It was sold to W. Wokeman in 1867 and was referred to as Maplevale during this time period. It was then conveyed to O. Wakeman in 1876 and eventually to A. Olatong in 1977.

Manley House

Dr. Horace Manley, a physician and an 1815 graduate of Fairfield Medical College, set up his practice near the springs in East Richfield, New York. 1 He constructed an Italianate-style bathhouse in the 1850s and used the sulfur waters from the springs in his treatments. He later sold part of his property, which became Spring Park.

The bathhouse structure was later expanded to include an inn and stagecoach stop. 1 The building was later used as a residence and craft shop.




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