Abandoned Schools

Arvel School

A gallery of abandoned schools in the United States.

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Butlerville High School

The Butlerville High School, in Butlerville, Indiana, was constructed c. 1904 and expanded in c. 1922.



Ballard Memorial High School

The Ballard Memorial High School is a closed school in Barlow, Kentucky. The building was finished by the Works Progress Administration as Project 2214 in 1936.

Big Rock School

Big Rock School is a former school along Cane Creek near Jackson, Kentucky. It was constructed of load-bearing sandstone by the Works Progress Administration and closed in the 1970s.

Blackmont School

Blaine School

Blaine School is a demolished school in Blaine, Kentucky. It was constructed by the Works Progress Administration.

Central City School

Delaware School

Delaware School is located along Delaware Creek in Daviess County. The town was laid out in 1864 by Andrew M. Allen. 3

Edmonton High School

Edmonton High School, a former high school in Edmonton, Kentucky, was organized in January 1910. Construction of the first permanent school building did not begin until 1923 which opened in 1924.

Estill High School

Estill High School is a closed high school in Estill, Kentucky.

Farmington High School

Farmington High School is a former school in Farmington, Kentucky. It was constructed in 1934 by the Kentucky Emergency Relief Administration and closed in 1986 when it and five other schools were consolidated to form the Graves County High School.

Grassy School

The Grassy School is a former school in Grassy, Kentucky.

Hensley Settlement School

A one-room schoolhouse was erected at Hensley Settlement atop Cumberland Mountain in Kentucky in 1908. It remained in operation until 1947.

Lawton School

The Lawton School, a former school in Lawton, Kentucky, closed in 1994 when it and Clark Hill and Grahn merged into Olive Hill Elementary.

Lynn School

The Lynn School, located in Lynn, Kentucky, was demolished in 2016.

Morgan School

The Morgan School is a former c. 1929 school in Morgan, Kentucky.

Pleasant Home School

The Pleasant Home School is located in Pleasant Home, Kentucky.

Pleasant Retreat Ridge School

The Pleasant Retreat Ridge School is located south of Milton, Kentucky.

Tomahawk School



McMillian School

The McMillian School was constructed circa 1910 to serve students in McMillian, Michigan. In 1975, Charles Maclean founded the Tahquamenon Artesian Well Water Company in the former school. The company filtered water from an aquifer near the headwaters of the Tahquamenon River in the Hiawatha National Forest, which contained only 149 parts per million of total dissolved solids, making it one of the purest waters in the United States. After the business failed, Maclean leased the property and bottling equipment to Jim Anderson in 1992.

Shingleton School

New York


Cadmus High School

The Cadmus High School was built c. 1928 in Cadmus, Ohio.

Crooksville High School

The Crooksville High School is located in Crooksville, Ohio, and was constructed in 1904 as the city’s high school. It was heavily modified and expanded in the 1930s, with all of its original ornamentation removed, and renamed the East School. It closed in 1981.

Georgetown School

Georgetown, Ohio had three schools near the city center. The complex along Green Street was built in 1921 and expanded in 1931.

Green Township School

The Green Township School No. 2 in Franklin Furnace, Ohio was constructed in 1949-50. It was closed on April 22, 2009, and recently demolished.