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Bluestone School

Bluestone School is a former circa 1948 elementary and high school for black students in Bramwell, West Virginia. After the local school district had integrated students into all of its schools by the early 1960s, Bluestone was reused for elementary school students.

Bluestone School is a former circa 1948 elementary and high school for black students that replaced a wooden two-story building on the east side of Bluestone Baptist Church. 1

In July 1964, the county agreed to close Bluestone High School and transfer students that August to nearby Bramwell High School as part of its integration plan. 2 Students that were already attending Bramwell were allowed to continue on but no new students were being accepted; they were deferred to Montcalm. Bluestone was then reused for elementary school students.

A stabilization project for the abandoned school began under the direction of a formal Restoration Committee in 2000, which led to the roof being repaired and the windows secured. 1



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I attended Bluestone in the early 70s I can remember Ms Bird and Miss long I growed up and went to Bramwell high left wva in 86.

I Dwight Davis started ist grade at Bluestone in 1954 till it’s closing in 1964.. Then graduated from Bramwell high in 1966..

I attended Bluestone School through the 12th grade (1962). The most wonderful years of my life. The teachers were the greatest and the community a blessing to grown up in. My mom and I had the same homeroom teacher (Ms Juliette Holley).

I transferred to Bluestone High School from Byrd Prillerman High School in Raleigh County (Amigo, WV), in the 9 grade until this date I continue or keep in touch with students from both school. Bluestone School. Wii have a school Reunion this year at Pipestem State Park , 14-16 July 2017. See Bramwell Bluestone 2000 Facebook page for more details.

I attended Bluestone Elementary from 1st grade ’74-’75 Ms. Foster, 2nd ’75-’76 grade Ms. Peoples and 3rd grade ’76-’77 Ms. Long. I have fond memories of this school, teachers and the friends I had. Also, in the winter months of the 3rd grade being walked to school in what seemed like such deep snow at the time, due to being so young, by one of my parents who also owned the car painting and body works garage that used to sit just the side of the sheriffs department. Sad to say, that Chief Benfield as it was at the time, passed away a couple years ago.

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