Elkhorn Power Plant

Elkhorn Power Plant Control Room

The Elkhorn Power Plant was constructed by Pocahontas Consolidated Collieries to provide electricity to its mines in West Virginia and Virginia.

The actual name of the location has been modified.

The Elkhorn Power Plant was constructed by Pocahontas Consolidated Collieries in 1907 to power the Angle, Delta, Lick Branch, Norfolk, and Shamokin coal mines in the Pocahontas coalfield, and the Sagamore mine in Mercer County, and later the Caswell Creek, Cherokee, and Rolfe mines in Tazewell County, Virginia. 2 3 Coal was fed directly into the 4,000 KW 9 power plant from the Delta coal mine whose portal was directly behind the turbine hall. 2 3

In June 1911, the newly formed Appalachian Power Company (APC) acquired the Elkhorn Power Plant. 9 APC had been formed in October 1909 9 and incorporated in May 1911 10 11 to supply electricity to the mines and cities in the Pocahontas coalfield, which it claimed it could do more economically than the individual coal companies that were erecting their own generating plants. By late 1912, APC had constructed two hydroelectric power plants and dams along the New River in Virginia and connected it to a new substation at Elkhorn via a massive 88,000-volt transmission line. 2 5 7 9 10 The substation was the largest in APC’s system. 6 APC placed the Elkhorn Power Plant in reserve status and maintained it in case of failure of transmission lines. 9

By April 1913, APC was serving 67 coal operations and camps throughout southwest West Virginia and western Virginia. 9

The Elkhorn Power Plant was destroyed in a fire in early 1918 but was rebuilt shortly after. 12

APC was acquired by the American Gas & Electric Power Company in 1925 which became American Electric Power (AEP) in 1958. 4 AEP continued to utilize the Elkhorn Power Plant structure to manage its adjoining substation and for storage until 1997.

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