Gem Theatre

The Gem Theatre, now abandoned, is located on 8th Street in the downtown area of Cairo, Illinois.

The Gem Theatre, which opened in 1910 in Cairo, Illinois, was devastated by a fire in 1929. 7 Shortly after, on February 18, plans were announced to construct a new 1,400-seat venue within the remains of the original structure. 3 This new facility, initially estimated to cost $100,000, eventually opened in 1930 with a final cost of $200,000. 1

However, tragedy struck again on February 27, 1934, when a fire originating in the furnace room destroyed the Gem Theatre. 1 4 The theatre was rebuilt and reopened in 1936. 7 In early 1941, another fire caused significant damage, leading to a temporary closure until April 3 of that year. 3

In the later part of the decade, the Gem was rebranded as the Lincoln Theater, which continued operations until 1978. 7 Subsequently, part of the building was repurposed as Gem Video, a video rental store.

In 1995, the deteriorating structure was donated to the city with the intention of refurbishing it for community and educational use. 7 Efforts were made to restore the marquee and structurally stabilize the lobby. 6 In late August 2000, the project received $231,900 from the federal Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration. Additionally, in June 2001, the state provided $20,000 in Illinois FIRST funding for a new stage, complemented by a $70,256 contribution from the city towards the rehabilitation project. 5



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