Haldeman School

Haldeman School

Haldeman School is a former school in Haldeman, Kentucky.

It was constructed in 1936 1 as a Works Progress Administration project and closed in 1991 4 due to the consolidation of the school system. Haldeman School was declared surplus property by the Rowan County Board of Education and 1 and was purchased by local resident Emily Ball. 3

Haldeman School was gutted in a fire around 4 a.m. on September 28, 2007. 2 The only salvageable section of the building was the gymnasium. The fire was investigated by the Kentucky State Police as arson as the school was without electricity, 1 although it was later ruled that the fire was due to an undetermined cause. 2

The building was currently for sale at the time of the fire, and plans had been made to convert the school into a community center and emergency shelter. 2 As part of the plans, the Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Community Center Inc. was formed to coordinate efforts led entirely by local citizens. 1

On January 4, 2008, the Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Community Center purchased the remainder of the school for $30,000 3 with the goal of using the gymnasium for the annual community and family reunions, weddings and anniversaries, benefits, memorial services, and other events.

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