Hayswood Hospital

Hayswood Hospital is a former medical center in Maysville, Kentucky.


The Wilson Infirmary, operated by May Peale Wilson from the early 1800s to 1908, was Maysville’s first hospital. 2 It closed shortly after Wilson’s death in 1908 and the structure was later razed. Construction began on its replacement, the Hayswood Seminary, in 1915. 4

The Cincinnati, Ohio architectural firm Samuel Hannaford & Son was hired in August 1922 to draw up plans for a $45,000 addition to the Hayswood Seminary. 13 Upon completion of the addition in 1923, the facility was renamed Hayswood Hospital. 4 The building was expanded in 1925 and 1971 to accommodate 87 patients.

In 1981, Hayswood was acquired by the Hospital Corporation of America and the name changed to Maysville Hospital. 17 The landlocked and geographically-challenged hospital closed in 1983 after the new Meadowview Regional Medical Center opened on the outskirts of the city. 1 6 11


Presbyterian Homes acquired Hayswood with the intent to convert the complex into apartments and a limited care nursing home, but the removal and clean up of underground fuel tanks and asbestos proved to be too expensive. 16 The building was then sold to Ester Johnson of Classic Properties 3 10 at a public auction 1 for $42,000 11 on July 30, 1994. 16 In 1999, Johnson announced plans to renovate the complex into apartments but financial considerations caused the project to languish. 10 Another of Johnson’s properties, the former Maysville High School, was renovated into apartments, as was another property in Covington, and their successes were cited as models for what Hayswood could become given enough funding.

Johnson attempted to sell Hayswood to the city for $55,000 in 2000, but the city declined the offer based upon the estimated $1 million that was required to remediate the property. 8

The city voted in November 2002 to apply for $250,000 in brownfield funding on an environmental study of Hayswood in preparation for either renovation or demolition of the site. 11 The study was conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency on February 9, 2006, 5 9 who concluded that it would cost $5 million to demolish the former hospital. 10 A private firm estimated the demolition cost at $1 million. 11 A $23,000 geological survey, to determine the effects of demolishing the hospital would have on the hillside, was completed in mid-2008. 10

On March 22, 2013, Tax Ease Lien Serving was granted an order by Judge Stockton Wood to auction Hayswood during a Master Commissioner’s sale on April 26. 11 Tax Ease Lien Servicing held a lien against the owners of the property, E.D. Haye Inc., for defaulting on $5,984 in property tax payments in 2008 and 2009. E.D. Haye’s owner, Esther Johnson, filed a motion for default and summary judgment and asked for an order to sell. On the morning of the auction, the county learned that the plaintiff, Tax Ease Lien Servicing, had petitioned the circuit court to have the property removed from the sale as it was evaluating its options related to the property, its environmental issues, and the high cost of remediation and demolition. 12

Hayswood was sold to Stitch Up Properties of Brandenburg for $50,000 in June 2018. 14 The building was boarded up in October in preparations for potential renovations. 15



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I was born here in 1953. My brother passed away here in 1975 and my Grandpa in 1969. I would hope someone could restore the building because is sentimental to me. It also can be beautiful again.

Visited last weekend, it’s still standing and you can explore 95% of the building. There’s lots of particulate floating around in the basement though, so bring a proper mask and not one of those paper filters.

Is this place going to ever be partially restored it would be awesome if it could be cleaned up and paranormal teams could pay to investigate to help ease some of the cleaning costs.

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