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Iaeger School

Iaeger School is an abandoned graded school building in Iaeger, West Virginia. It closed in 1999.

Iaeger School opened in 1922 1 2 and closed in 1999 when students were transferred to the new Sandy River Middle School in nearby Avondale. 2



  1. Cornerstone.
  2. Hatcher, Thomas C. “Schools.” The Heritage of McDowell County, West Virginia, McDowell County Historical Society, War, WV, 1995, p. 285.


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To Whom It May Concern:

I am searching for school pictures,etc. of my mother Avinell Sue Stover, born Dec. 2, 1929. Her father’s name is Frank Stover who was a Mine Foreman in Iaeger in the 1940’s. I am estimating that my mother would have attended school there in the early 40’s to mid 40’s. Any information or referral would be greatly appreciated.


Donna Collins-Wood

I spent my first year as a teacher at Iaeger Intermediate School teaching 7th grade language arts on the first floor. It is sad to see these pictures of the school.

Dear Angela: When I read your comment regarding Iaeger Graded and Junior High School I was encouraged as I thought perhaps you might remember or have information in regard to the Grade school in Iaeger. In approximately 1953-1955 I lived on Otter Branch in Iaeger (I am not sure if it was considered within the city limits.) I attended a grade school which had an open space underneath which some of my classmates and I would go in and open our pop with the nails overhead. I do not have any pictures of the school, but I had thought it was the Iaeger Grade School. I also remember a small grocery store not far from Otter Branch, which was going toward the city of Iaeger. Any information or referral would be greatly appreciated.

Donna Collins Wood,
Do you know anything else about the grade school? Any history on it, or what years it operated?

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