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Ironton Tunnel

The Ironton Tunnel carried OH Route 75 under Cronacher’s Hill between Ironton and Coryville, Ohio.

The Ironton Tunnel was constructed through Cronacher’s Hill in 1866 by Dr. B.F. Cory as a way for horses and carts to access ship iron from the furnaces in the northern part of the county to the Ohio River. 1 2 3 The tunnel was enlarged to a width of 30 feet and lined with concrete by the Mahlbe Brothers in 1915.

The Ironton Tunnel became a part of OH Route 75 in 1924. In 1960, the tunnel was closed to automobile traffic when a four-lane bypass was constructed as part of a realignment of OH Route 75 (OH Route 75 was renumbered as OH Route 93 in 1962) in conjunction with the development of the US Route 52 freeway. 2

In 1989, the Ironton Lions Club reopened the tunnel as a historic attraction. 3 It was then converted into a “haunted tunnel” tourist attraction in 1998. 2



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