Jefferson School

The Jefferson School is a now-demolished school at 1401 McColloch Street, Wheeling, West Virginia.

The Jefferson School was originally built as an annex to the Clay School adjacent to Central Glass Works, 6 and was originally referred to as the Clay Annex School. 5 6 A contract for construction for an eight-room building 5 was awarded to Sisson & Krebb on April 29, 1897, for $15,937 4 and it was dedicated on December 24. 3

Clay School in 1898. From the Annual Report of the Public Schools of the City of Wheeling, W. Va., 1898.
Clay School in 1898. From the Annual Report of the Public Schools of the City of Wheeling, W. Va., 1898.

The Clay Annex School was originally located in the Clay school district. 2 When it was moved into the Union school district, the building was renamed the Union Annex School and then Jefferson School. It became the Jefferson Special School in 1959 until 1966 when it was vacated for two years. 1 The structure was then repurposed for the Civilian Sheltered Work Shop in 1969 and later reused for private businesses before being abandoned.

The Jefferson School was razed in January 2013.



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I lived up the street from this school at 192 fourteenth street. Mr. HUGHES was the janitor of that school.

Thanks Sarah! I was going through the City Directories at the main downtown library, but ran out of time. The school should have something, but every file I went through in the Vertical Files there had -nothing- listed for Jefferson.

I just wanted to let you know I live right by the place. Dont know much about it, but Ill start looking into it.

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