McClung’s Mill

McClung’s Mill

The McClung Mill is a disused gristmill in rural Monroe County, West Virginia.

McClung’s Mill was constructed in Craig County, Virginia, and the structure relocated to Zenith, West Virginia in the early 1900s. 1 The gristmill operated through the late 1960s, powered by a flume that was fed from Dropping Lick Creek that flowed from a cave to turn the 26-foot overshot water wheel. 4 5 The water wheel was the second largest in the state. 5

After its closure, McClung’s Mill fell into severe disrepair. 2 Spurred by sentiment and the condition of the structure, the Monroe County Historical Society leased the old mill from H.O. McClung in 1971 4 and spent $6,000 to stabilize and restore the mill which required the construction of a new foundation and a new dam to eliminate poor drainage around the mill. 3

After years of being idle, the water wheel was able to be turned again in October 1973 after searching for months for proper bearings to repair it. 5

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