The story of a forgotten America.


Millcom, a communication, consulting, and publishing firm located on the side of Prospect Mountain in New York, included a “floating” three-building complex that featured a koi pond with waterfalls and fountains, and spacious outdoor decks.

Millcom was established in 1960 as a communication, consulting, and publishing firm founded by Irvine Millgate, a Professor of Humanities at Northwestern University. 5 It specialized in human communications, and specifically in the field of conflict resolution. 2 3 5

Millgate chose to locate Millcom on Prospect Mountain, with Buildings A and B built between 1963 and 1965, and Building C added between 1966 and 1968 at the total cost of $675,000. 5 To preserve the rustic character and environment of the area, the structures were built atop stilts as to not require complex earthmoving for the foundations. The buildings also included a sod roof and a koi pond with waterfalls and fountains. 2

The company attempted to construct a fourth building in 1976, but experienced delays and rejections under new zoning regulations, largely because the 54-foot height of the proposed structure exceeded the new height limit by one foot. 1

Millcom declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 1998 4 and was acquired by CPP. 3



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