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Tecumseh Building

The Tecumseh Building, also known as the Francis Drolla Building, is a vacant office building in downtown Springfield, Ohio. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

The Tecumseh Building was designed by William Earl Russ in the early Commercial architectural style and constructed by the Francis J. Drolla Company at the cost of $200,000 in 1922-23. 1 4 The ten-story building was faced with brick and cut stone. 2 By 1926, the building boasted 41 tenants.

The tower was vacated in 1988 and placed for sale. 3 Conceptual plans prepared by Shremshock Architects of Columbus in the early 2010s called for the tower to be rehabilitated into 37 one- and two-bedroom apartments and marketed as Rosewood Heights.



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