The story of a forgotten America.

Vintage Electric Streetcars

Vintage electric streetcars are located adjacent to a former coal mine in rural Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1986, the Vintage Electric Streetcar Company began salvaging old trolleys with the eventual goal of restoration and reuse as tourist attractions and public transportation. 2 Others are parted out for resale.



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The Lost Railway Museum is restoring two of these back to displayable condition. We need to aquire two sets of truck assemblies to put under them. How or who should I contact? Can you please supply this information?

I really hope some of these cars can be saved as part of our transit history. Lots of cities are starting “historic” or “legacy” lines, so anything that’s salvageable would be like gold.

FWIW the red, white, and gray cars aren’t actually trolleys even though they began life as PCCs in Chicago. When streetcar service ended the CTA rebuilt a lot of them into the famous 6000-series El cars. After the 6000s were retired 6 (or was it 7) paired sets were bought by Philly’s SEPTA system. SEPTA rehabbed them to keep service running on the Norristown High Speed Line (ex P&W) while awaiting delivery of new light-rail cars.

How do I get in touch with these folks? I am affiliated with a small non-profit traction group who would like to restore one of these cars.

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