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Residence / Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont, Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned residences in the United States.

David Snowden House
Residence / Kentucky

The David Snowden House is a circa 1825 residence located in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Lincoln Way
Residence / Pennsylvania

Lincoln Way was a neglected street in Clairton, Pennsylvania that consisted of 16 houses that were abandoned between the 1970s and 2009.

Bell Estate
Residence / Pennsylvania

Shadyside is an abandoned Second Empire styled residence near Chester, Pennsylvania.

Hill Homestead
Residence / New York

The Hill Homestead is an abandoned residence and farm in New York. It was home to Theodore Hill, Jr., a farmer, and politician.

Residence / New York

Elda is an abandoned mansion in New York that was constructed by David Abercrombie, founded in 1892 as an outfitter for the elite outdoorsman.

Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Housing
Residence / Ohio

The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company (YS&T) offered affordable company housing in Campbell, Ohio. Many of the original concrete townhomes are abandoned while others are being renovated.

Abandoned Mexican War Streets, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Residence
Residence / Pennsylvania

A selection of abandoned residences at 1814-20 Chateau Street in the Mexican War Streets neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Castle Knoll
Residence / Ohio

Castle Knoll is the former home of industrialist and politician Phineas P Mast in Springfield, Ohio. It later became a Knights of Pythias nursing home that relocated in 2006.

Residence / New York

Tioronda is an opulent mansion turned specialty mental hospital in New York.

Lee Plaza
Residence / Michigan

Lee Plaza is an abandoned Art Deco styled luxury apartment building in Detroit, Michigan. It is listed as a State Historic Site and is on the National Register of Historic Places. During its heyday, the complex was known for its catchphrase: “You will never miss your home when you stay at the Lee Plaza.”

Warren County Orphan Asylum and Children's Home
Residence / Ohio

The Warren County Orphan Asylum and Children’s Home, later known as the Mary Haven Home for Boys, was located along Shakertown Pike near Lebanon, Ohio.

Garred House
Residence / Kentucky

The Garred House, known as “the most commodious stone house in the Sandy Valley,” is a demolished historic residence south of Louisa, Kentucky. The residence, along with a burial vault and chapel, were listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Stone Clove Boarding House
Residence / New York

The Stone Clove Boarding House is an abandoned tourist boarding house in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Gamble House
Residence / Ohio

The Gamble House is a demolished residence at 2918 Werk Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the home of James Norris Gamble, an inventor, humanitarian, and son of Proctor & Gamble’s co-founder.

Fisher-Byington House
Residence / Kentucky

The Fisher-Byington House is a former antebellum residence in Danville, Kentucky, constructed by Robert Russell, Jr. circa 1845. It was named after two of its more prominent residents.

Residence / Ohio

The Barnes House is a historic but abandoned residence once-occupied by a well regarded and politically connected family in Ohio.

Residence / West Virginia

Lynnside is the disused Greek Revival residence of the influential Lewis family in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

845 Monmouth Street Interior
Residence / Kentucky

The series of buildings at 845 Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky is home to Carabello Coffee. Previous uses included a National City Bank branch and a check cashing company.

Residence / Kentucky

Meadowcrest is an abandoned mansion located on the former famed Meadowcrest Farm in Lexington, Kentucky.