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Penn-Lincoln Hotel

The Penn-Lincoln Hotel is an abandoned hotel in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania that is scheduled for demolition.

The Penn-Lincoln Hotel is an abandoned hotel in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. After years of decline, the Penn-Lincoln was abandoned and left open to the elements. Due to renovation costs that make redevelopment prohibitive, the hotel will be demolished.

In the 1920s, a group of local citizens formed the Wilkinsburg Hotel Company and hired architect Benno Janssen of Janssen & Cocken, who was also the architect for the William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh Athletic Club and the former Kaufmann’s Department Store in downtown Pittsburgh, to design the first-class hotel for travelers along the Lincoln Highway and those arriving from the Pennsylvania Railroad Station. The 70,000 square-foot, six-story, 150-room tower was dedicated on June 1, 1927.

After years of decline, the hotel-converted-apartment Penn-Lincoln was closed in 1995. After an extensive study concluded that rehabilitation costs are prohibitive for the Penn-Lincoln Hotel, funding was acquired and set aside for demolition.


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Joke from my Father:
Q: What does tight male underware and the old Penn-Lincoln Hotel have in common?
A: No ballroom.

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