Peyton’s Store, Kentucky

Tucked in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky is Peyton’s Store and a unique house.

Tucked in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky is Peyton’s Store. It’s a rural community of several households, named after an old general store that was once located along the roadway, but it’s nothing more than a wayside today.

Located at the heart of Peyton’s Store is a very unique house. The gingerbread detailing add a nice finish to the exterior, while inside wood paneling and angled door casings give the house a bit of flare.

The house was last occupied by Gaynell Manuel (June 23, 1920 – September 21, 1985).


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The building to the left is the actual store and has a flat front over the door. The house was the family home next door to the store. I visited this month and the store is very overgrown with trees and brush making access very difficult. I was also warned by the locals about the rattlesnakes and copperheads so only took pictures from the road. The store is almost hidden with the trees and brush around it.

I was at this same house taking pictures a few weeks ago. We were told by a neighbor, not to venture closer or inside due to rattlesnakes. My friend and I figured we’d go back in the winter when the snakes are hibernating. Very cool old structure. Got many pictures from the outside of it.

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