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Revisiting the Genesee Power Station

I recently I visited the abandoned Genesee Power Station in the Southern Tier of New York on two separate occasions, and from my first visit early in 2017, not much has thankfully changed. Absent a camper’s fire in the turbine hall, nothing has been scrapped, nothing has been graffitied, nothing has been vandalized.

Genesee Power Station was in operation from 1948 to 2000. After the plant switched to high-sulfur coal, fouling the local air with increased emissions, the facility was placed on cold standby. It was abandoned in 2012 after plans to convert Genesee to be fueled by natural gas failed to come to fruition.

Because of its remote location, general inaccessibility, and security, Genesee Power Station is a favorite for the few photographers who have been inside.

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