Revisiting the Hickling Power Station

Nestled in the Southern Tier of New York lies the abandoned Hickling Power Station, a relic of a bygone era. I had the opportunity to visit this eerie location on two separate occasions, and although time had passed between my visits, it seemed as though nothing had changed. The only notable difference was a camper’s fire that had left its mark on the turbine hall.

Hickling Power Station was a prominent feature of the local landscape from 1948 until 2000 when it was forced into cold standby due to increased emissions caused by the use of high-sulfur coal. Despite efforts to revive the plant by converting it to run on natural gas, it was ultimately abandoned in 2012.

The remote location, limited accessibility, and fortified security of the Hickling Power Station make it a photographer’s paradise. Only a select few have had the privilege of stepping inside and capturing its haunting beauty, and those who have will never forget the experience.

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