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In Focus By On December 19, 2019

Gingerbread Houses

Victorian-era (“gingerbread”) adornments are one of my favorite architectural highlights of any building, transforming otherwise dull designs into lavish representations.

In Focus By On February 11, 2018

Suicide at Young’s High Bridge

Several years ago, I hiked to the east abutment of the abandoned Young’s High Bridge in central Kentucky to photograph the sunset and blue hour. Little did I know that I was about to witness a suicide—or did I?

Other By On February 8, 2018

Mud Lick, Kentucky

Do we have any X-Files fans on here? You can guess my excitement when I found out when the episode Kitten was centered around Mud Lick, Kentucky.

Explorations By On December 31, 2016

Top 35 Photos of 2016

The end of 2016 is fast approaching with over 9,000 photographs snapped, 35,000 miles traveled, and 200 new locations explored and documented. Here are the top 35 images of 2016.

Explorations By On June 10, 2016


Growing up in Raceland, Kentucky, I knew some of the significance behind the town’s name. It was named for the “Million Dollar Oval,” a horse racing track.

In Focus By On March 16, 2015

Eugene Masters

Eugene Masters died in his home, a former general store, in March 2015 in Valley View, Kentucky. He was 86.

Explorations By On February 27, 2015

The “Ghost Ship”

Dubbed the “ghost ship” by kayakers and explorers for years, the USS Sachem and USS Phenakite stand abandoned on a small creek just yards from the Ohio River in northern Kentucky. The story behind this unassuming vessel fascinated me, given its historical importance, it remains forgotten.

Explorations By On February 13, 2015

Sue Bennett College

Back when it wasn’t in the coldest days of the winter, I walked around the former Sue Bennett College in London, Kentucky. The college, in operation between 1897 through 1997, was affiliated with the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, the national organization of the United Methodist Church. It began as an elementary school before becoming a two-year college.

In Focus By On February 12, 2015

Valley View General Store

There is an old general store that has been closed for some years in the remote community of Valley View, Kentucky. What surprised me was who lived inside.

In Focus By On February 4, 2015

James Duke’s Residence

The James K. Duke House is a circa 1792 11-room brick antebellum in central Kentucky. The site is notable for its duels and connection to early horse racing in the United States.

In Focus By On January 16, 2015

The Decline of Shopping Malls

The American retail landscape is changing. The love affair with the enclosed shopping center peaked about a decade ago and has been waning as consumers seek out revitalized urban centers and mixed-use retail, office and residential developments.

Explorations By On December 19, 2014

Exploring the CNO&TP Tunnels

The Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway (CNO&TP) feature 27 tunnels in Kentucky and Tennessee, many of which stand abandoned after they were bypassed. I set out to explore four of them.

Explorations By On December 1, 2014

Olympia, Kentucky

Olympia, a small wayside community of several dozen people in eastern Kentucky, has a fascinating history as over a span of ten minutes on March 3, 1876, red meat rained down.

Before & After / Explorations By On November 11, 2014

845 Monmouth

The corner of East 9th and Monmouth streets in historic downtown Newport, Kentucky is still sleepy but renovations will soon be underway to bring this intersection back to life.