One of the more infamous UFO encounters in Kentucky is the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, otherwise known as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case. Occurring in the fall of 1955 near Hopkinsville and Kelly, Kentucky, the event centered around a rural farmhouse belonging to the Sutton family.

Seven people in the farmhouse claimed that they were being terrorized by an unknown number of creatures in similar stature to gremlins, around three feet tall with upright, pointed ears with wasted legs and thin arm, claws and silver in color. The movements of the gremlins were best described as floating, walking with a sway as if they were wading through water. The ghastly creatures never entered the house, although they were caught peering in windows and doorways.

After waking up the children, the family called the local police station. Sheriff Russell Greenwell noted that the Sutton family were shaking in fright. Twenty officers, including Greenwell returned to the farmhouse, yet the gremlin occurrences continued. Police spotted evidence of a struggle and damage to the house, and witnessed strange lights and noises emitting from the sky and around the property. The officers attempted to shoot the silver creatures which had no effect other than damaging the house and surrounding grounds.

Later, investigations conducted by the state police, Air Force and civilian ufologists found no evidence of a hoax, although they could not explain the occurrences at the Sutton household that night. Similar occurrences have occurred along the Ohio River and in the United Kingdom, with observances of gremlins and other similar unidentified creatures.

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