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Tour the Old San Francisco Armory

Tour the historic Sa…

San Francisco Armory

Tour the historic San Francisco, California Armory for just $28 for two, now listed on Groupon. Constructed in 1914, the 220,000 square-foot armory hosted the National Guard until 1973 and then remained vacant for three decades. It was purchased in 2007 and then subsequently rehabilitated for adult film sets by Peter Acworth, owner of

The tour lasts 90 minutes and includes the armory’s five floors and includes both historical and risque trivia. The walk includes the preserved shooting range and the subterranean Mission Creek that flows through the basement. It also includes… a tour of a plush lounge and dungeon, along with props, and perhaps a peek at a live filming if it is in progress.

The tour is of course being protested by War on Illegal Porngraphy and Morality in Media, who claims that the armory is not family friendly nor educational. Both groups oppose pornography and indecency, and have called for a boycott on Groupon over the deal. WND has the scoop on the protest, which apparently has not affected sales.

Well, if you are interested in the tour, it is just $28 for two, a good 57% discount.

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