The story of a forgotten America.

Beautiful, Rainy Days

A beautiful and rainy day at the Parker Tobacco Company, William Tarr House and the Paris Tuberculosis Hospital.

I spent Sunday, March 28 wandering the back roads of Kentucky with a good friend photographing a well-visited tobacco processing plant, a historic residence and a tuberculosis hospital.

We headed out very early that morning due east along the AA Highway, arriving at Maysville, Kentucky’s Parker Tobacco Company – currently being demolished. Entire rooms had been emptied of their contents, and desks, filing cabinets full of papers and furniture were all missing. Holes had been punched in the floors and walls to facilitate the removal of equipment.

We headed south to conduct follow-up photography of the William Tarr House.

Our final stop of the day was the Paris Tuberculosis Hospital. The facility, located in Paris, Kentucky, was constructed from 1946 to 1948 and demolished in 2012.

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