In the 16th installment of Tom Explores Los Angeles, Tom ventures inside the abandoned Hawthorne Plaza mall in Hawthorne, California. The mall was opened to the masses in 1977 and anchored by J.C. Penny, Montgomery Ward and Broadway. Broadway, part of the Federated Department Store network, later became a Macy’s.

Economic decline in the region led to the number of occupied stores in the shopping center falling from 130 in the late 1980’s to 87 in 1994 and to 70 by 1998. Out of the original four anchors, only one was left – a Macy’s Clearance Center. Macy’s pulled out entirely in December 1997 and the indoor mall closed two years later.

Plans to redevelop the mammoth lot, including relocating SpaceX into the building, have not come to fruition.

Check out the awesome video of Hawthorne Plaza: