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Exploring St. Joseph Riverside Hospital

The former St. Joseph Riverside Hospital in Warren, Ohio is nothing more than a scrapped, flooded, and fire-damaged carcass of a building.

The original hospital consisted of two buildings and a power plant, with expansions following in 1970 and 1980. St. Joseph Riverside Hospital merged with Warren General Hospital in 1996 and was subsequently closed. The first and second floors of the complex were reused for various businesses and non-profit organizations but were vacated in October 2008 due to an ongoing bankruptcy case. Since then, the facility has fallen into considerable ruin thanks to an absentee landlord from Florida. The case reached a boiling point in 2013 when Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a lawsuit on behalf of the city and Warren Deputy Health Commissioner Robert Pinti against the Euro-American Financial Network. DeWine sought to require demolition of the property and reimbursement to the city for associated costs.

As of 2016, St. Joseph Riverside Hospital still stands.

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