Exploring the Linwood Public School

Linwood Public School is located in the Linwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio and was constructed in 1929. It was closed in 2005.

The Linwood Public School, a Romanesque Revival gem built in 1929 with tan brick and two stately stories, was designed by architects Fecheimer & Ilhorst for Cincinnati’s Linwood neighborhood. The school later became the Linwood Fundamental Academy before closing in 2005 after a new East End school opened.

Briefly repurposed as a shelter for Hurricane Katrina’s displaced, with cots, showers, and air conditioning installed within its hallowed halls, the school stood as a beacon of resilience amidst tragedy. However, the ravages of time proved unforgiving – in 2012, this architectural gem sold at auction for a mere $75,000 to an Indianapolis company, a fraction of its historical value.


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Was your mom the principal at one time? I’m remembering Lorraine Cook, but that may not be correct. It’s been a few years!

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