Linwood Public School

Linwood Public School is a former school in the Linwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Linwood Public School was designed in the Romanesque Revival architectural style by Fecheimer & Ilhorst and constructed in 1929. The complex later became the Linwood Fundamental Academy and closed in June 2005 after the new East End School opened. 3 The building was briefly used as a refugee shelter for those left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. 2 One-hundred cots were set up, and temporary air conditioners and portable showers were installed.

The building was sold at auction on November 8, 2012, for $75,000. 1



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Hello, My name is Eddie Mathis. I went to Linwood in the 70’s . My nickname was Eddie Spagetti. I lived on Old Red Bank Rd. I also went on the trip to Washington DC. I attended Linwood for like 6/7 years. They upgraded it to like a junior high at the time I was there. Debbie Newkirk was a very good friend of mine. She was my Dream Girl. Please tell her to look me up on facebook. I now live in Key West. I played a lot of sports at Linwood. We actually won first place in Volleyball. Also did well in Gymnastics. Got first place in the Pole Climb. Did well in a few others. That time was probably the best part of my life. Oh how I wish I could go back to the time.

What did they do with all the awards that were won by the kids that were in the glass case. Its very upsetting not to have gotten those when they closed the school.

I would like to talk with the owner of the Linwood school. My husband and I are ministers we are 40 years of experience with intercity people have two organizations JC TM and STTM call if you know how to get in touch with the owner of this property. Thank you Charles in gene turbine 513 678 3 630

I went to Linwood only for a little over a month in 1974. That was the year we took a Trip to Washington DC on the Amtrak. It was the first time I had ever went out of Cincinnati Ohio. I think I had won some Awards while I was there. I know my sister Debbie Newkirk has some Awards. My brother David Newkirk and sister Michelle Newkirk was there to. Do you know if there is a way to see if they have them somewhere or if they threw them out. But that was a Great School even if I was there only for a short time. It made an impression on me that I will remember all of my Life. Thank you and I would love to hear about if know anything about The Awards.

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