Forest Fair Mall’s Days are Numbered

Forest Fair Mall/Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall

Forest Fair Mall/Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall’s days are numbered under a new plan to tear down the mall for redevelopment.

Forest Fair Mall/Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall is one of those shopping centers that never really took off. Opening in 1988 with Bigg’s hypermarket and some inline tenants, it really took off with the 1989 completion of its fashion wing that added B. Altman, Biggs, Bonwit Teller, Elder-Beerman, and Parisian, along with 200 stores. Between the constant juggle of different owners, bankruptcies, and rebranding efforts, the mall never reached full occupancy and it has been on life support for many years.

It has recently been announced that an industrial firm is under contract to purchase this all but empty shopping center (Bass Pro Shop and Kohl’s are the only major tenants left) with the goal of tearing it down and redeveloping the site for light industrial purposes.

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