Gamble House battle sparks preservation interest

The Gamble House’s saga is producing a heightened interest in historic preservation.

The Gamble House‘s saga is producing a heightened interest in historic preservation, according to today’s article, “Gamble House battle sparks preservation interest” in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

A wrecking ball can be a preservationist’s best friend.

Paul Muller knows that first hand. He’s the interim executive director of the Cincinnati Preservation Association.

Since the association got involved in trying to save the endangered James N. Gamble house in Westwood “membership is up 10 percent,” Muller said.

“We are experiencing a heightened interest in historic preservation throughout the city,” he noted. “The Gamble house has brought proper attention to the value of historic preservation.”

The Gamble House, located in the western neighborhood of Westwood, is located at 2918 Werk Road. The imposing 2 1/2-story residence, constructed in the Queen Anne style, was constructed by James N. Gamble on the site of his father’s earlier dwelling. The historic residence was slated for immediate demolition for “green space,” although historic preservation activists have made strides in having the dwelling listed as a Local Historic Landmark and starving potential tear-down efforts for the interim.

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