End of the line for the Oakley station

There is more unfortunate news from Cincinnati, Ohio: the Oakley Railroad Depot.

There is more unfortunate news from Cincinnati, Ohio, and this time it involves the former Marietta & Ohio Railroad train depot in Oakley. Reported from the Cincinnati Enquirer, the station was purchased in 1991 by Doug Master, who sought to restore the depot to its former glory. After suffering 20 years of neglect after the station closed in 1971, the property was utilized as a cooper and recycling business.

But CSX Transportation, who owns the land the station resides on, has upped his lease payments to unsustainable levels. Now the owner, who once prided himself as being the individual who saved the station from demolition, may be forced to tear it down himself. Read more from the Cincinnati Enquirer after the jump and view an aerial from Microsoft’s Bing mapping service.

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