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Gamble House Is No More

The historic Gamble House in Cincinnati, Ohio was demolished yesterday.

The Gamble House was located at 2918 Werk Road in the Westwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The imposing 2 1/2-story, 13-room residence, was constructed in the Queen Anne style by James Norris Gamble on the site of his father’s earlier dwelling in 1875. The house was assembled at a time when country estates scattered the region’s west side.

The inventor, humanitarian and son of Proctor & Gamble’s co-founder resided in the vast 2,644-square-foot house for 57 years until his death in the house in 1932. His daughter, Olivia, lived in the house until she died in the 1960’s. The house was then transferred to the Greenacres Foundation of Indian Hill, founded and headed by philanthropist Louise Nippert. Louise’s late husband, Louis Nippert, was Gamble’s grandson.

In February 2010, preservationists were alarmed when a demolition permit was requested by Greenacres. After more than three years of tango with city hall, litigation, protests and heavy press coverage, demolition began on the Gamble House on April 1.


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It is my true belief that there is a dark past with the Nipperts. There must be some sad secret that they wanted gone with the house. I have heard rumors and now believe there might be something to them. Green Acres, the board members and Carter Randolph should be ashamed. In my opinion, they have gone against there own mission statement and should be investigated.

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