Inside Old Crow Distillery

Revisiting an old friend at a whiskey bar, I was reminded of a Mark Twain quote. Just like the old friend, I repaid another visit to Old Crow Distillery.

Revisiting an old friend several weeks ago at a whiskey bar, I was reminded of a famous Mark Twain quote.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

Just like the old friend, I repaid another visit to Old Crow Distillery in central Kentucky with several architects. For the architects, it was a chance to take in ideas for a start-up distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. For myself, it was a chance to visit portions of Old Crow that I had not visited – including the main distilling house. Dominated by the sheer vertical orientation of the facility and topped with a skylight, the distilling house was an industrial sight to behold.

Atop the distilling house was the laboratory and various rooms that held specific functions that were necessary to ensure the quality of the bourbon. An autoclave was used to sterilize instruments. A back room held hundreds of vials and instruments.

Behind a heavy door atop the distilling house was a room with several hoppers that completed an unknown function. The hoppers were moved on a fixed rail and included a scale for general measurements.

Along the lines of Mark Twain, I believe that too much good distillery exploring is barely enough.

Check out more from Old Crow Distillery. If you are down in the area, stop on down for a guided tour or photographic event!

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I really like your photos. The coloring and B & W both. It looks like you either use a filter or alter them in maybe Photoshop.
can you tell me what you do to make your photos appear as they do? thanks Debra

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