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Abandoned Businesses in Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in Virginia.

Blue Healing Springs

The Blue Healing Springs Company was incorporated in June 1911 to capitalize upon the healing waters of four mineral springs in western Virginia. 4 At its height, the location consisted of 100 acres of land and several buildings. 3 The property was listed for sale for $25,000 in 1929. 3

By 2022, the only building remaining was the ballroom which had later served as a hunting lodge. 1

Blue Healing Springs’s ballroom can be seen in the movie “In a Shallow Grave” starring Patrick Dempsey. 2 The abandoned building was used as a dance hall where Garnet finds an old Victrola and dances with his memories. The building was reportedly so enshrouded with trees it took four attempts to find it.

Ewing Theatre

The Ewing Theatre in Ewing, Virginia, closed circa 1983.




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