The Community General Store

The good old days of the community general store.

The good old days of the community general store.

The Holland General Store in Dawson, West Virginia, was a community staple for nearly six decades. The building itself is a testament to the craftsmanship of the early 1900s, featuring traditional wood German siding, 2/2 windows, a standing seam tin roof, a front stepped parapet wall, and a recessed storefront. 

Holland General Store

Inside the store, one could find all sorts of essentials. Opened in 1901, it was managed by Pank Holland from 1915 until the late-1940s, after which Robert Holland and his wife carried on the family business, operating it until its closure circa 1960. Customers would come to the Holland General Store not just to shop but to catch up on the latest news and gossip. It was a hub of social activity, a place where people could connect and bond over a shared sense of community.

Its legacy lives on, reminding us of a simpler time when a trip to the local general store was a cherished part of daily life.


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why keep razed the building and bring back the building to use again Montgomery Ward and later Sears. NOW and forget about walmart . I dont like it . it is not very handy to find things . it is very very hard to find it WAKE UP and do action back on business

Having lived in Vermont, the small general store lives on, smaller than this structure but depended on by many in the Green Mountains.

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